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Its stimulant effect may manifested in chronic eczema, or indolent inflammation the edges the eyelids. The caution before referred should observed in regard this ointment.

This mercurial ointment somewhat more irritating than the last, and usually needs dilution. It used in the same general class cases.

It may produce constitutional effects. May i need help on an essay used as a local irritant and stimulant application in old inflammations. It usually needs dilution, and may produce constitutional The action and uses this preparation are the same as those the This ointment used as an application the swellings caused chronic inflammation or glandular enlargement.

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Its action probably that a counter-irritant rather than dependent upon any specific effect the iodine.

It however, possible that a small amount iodine finds This application antiseptic and locally anaesthetic. It may used for dressing indolent and sloughing ulcers.

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For many such purposes, however, the blowing pay for paper the powdered iodoform preferable. The use large amounts might give rise constitutional symptoms. Tar ointment used in the treatment chronic cutaneous diseases, especially those which require stimulating and somewhat antiseptic applications, as old eczema and psoriasis. Its action as a parasiticide not certain as that some other applications, kerosene.

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