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The Germans show a great number senile cases the Europeans, Austrians and There an enormous increase in the Hebrew immigration and a high per cent, insane. It three times more common than in other races, as they are remarkably susceptible nervous and mental diseases. An increasing number insane are being detected and deported at imigration ports and It would seem at first thought that the H-aceful, uneventful lives country people should free from insanity, in spite the much-quoted homework help writing a story statement not authentic that farmers wives form the great majority insane women.

Hard work, long hours, the grind lack ready money, the loneliness elderly people after their children have grown and left them for the city or marry, all play an important i art in the insanity the rural districts.

While the relatives will cite a fall or blow or head injury dissertation abstracts international as the cause insanity, the fact that these are no more X rtance than in sane individuals, and often were insignificent as without symptoms at the time and are merely produced later with a view softening the supposed reproach insanity. If were directly or primarily due injury head shall able get a history concussion, cerebral hemorrhage hemiplegia. No doubt the shock the accident, with or without material injury, may cause insanity in neurotic individuals, but more often have hypochondriasis following trauma, and neurasthenic or hysterical patient thinks a severe injury a i ermanent nature has. been received.

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Often this connected with a suit for damages and made worse litigation. Meyer shows that in the Franco-German war only thirteen cases insanity occurred Homesickness a fairly frequent cause Masturbation a commonly cited cause, but almost invariably a result write my research paper online preexisting abnormality in the individual. Many imbeciles and insane masturbate. This greatly overestimated the laity and some general practitioners. So also religious excitement, which occurs in unstable, neurotic people who would upset some other factor quite as easily.

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thesis to book We have a frequently repeated group causes, as anxiety, worry, grief, loss relatives, domestic trouble, overwork, excessive child bearing, pain long continued, privation, anxiety about business, operations, poverty, illegitimate pregnancy, pelvic disease, fevers and infectious diseases, uterine trouble and persistent insomnia, drugs, as Occasionally a case becomes insane from excessive pruritus, as in eczema.

Goitre, diabetes, tuberculosis, heart disease, Bright's disease are responsible for some cases. We have already said that many thesecauses, being operative in almost every one at some time or other, are not as important as supposed. In another place have discussed the correlation nervous diseases and insanity pelvic disease and operations, showing that these can you buy a research paper are less productive insanity best thesis research proposal writing services than the popular idea would indicate. Illegitimate pregnancy very often occurs in defective, unstable individual sand a result rather than cause in most cases. Drugs are important, worry an important factor. In heredity see transmitted such nervous diseases as Huntington's chorea, Friedreich's ataxia and indirectly a neuropathic disposition that favors some neurosis or insanity when exposed undue strain.

Fortunately the tendency return normal after three generations, if there a healthy admixture stock or a dymg out the family because the descendants become too degenerate propagate. Educaation necessary combat the causes insanity, avoid renewing defective stock coursework writing service higher moral standards, a fuller instruction sexual matters and venereal diseases. Two persons whose families have similar tendencies insanity ought not allowed marry, nor epileptics and highgrade imbeciles. Every almshouse has women low mentality who are allowed victims men loose morals and produce from one five children who will almost surely become We should begin with the grandparents, Oliver Wendell Holmes used say for the stability and fitness an individual depends largely inborn characteristics. We cannot gather grapes thorns or figs L'ns IcndcMuics are shown in chil liin who.





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