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There are usually few other phenomena accompanying the purgation, though in some instances may fail act as a cathartic and give rise only gastric uneasiness, palpitation, headache, and feverishness. In excessive doses the gastro-intestinal irritation may sufficiently severe cause death.

Croton oil a drug used with much c'aution.

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It should not given in any case until the practitioner has convinced himself that no organic obstacles lie in the way its action. It more severe than necessary in ordinary cases constipation, or when a depleting effect required, but may used unload an extremely sluggish colon. It used in lead colic. In cases apoplexy or unconsciousness its small bulk makes a convenient cathartic. It may given in enema with some other oil, as castor and olive, or cotton-seed. A reputation as a specific in the cure sciatica undoubtedly does not deserve, but may prove very useful in that complaint from its thorough cathartic action.

Externally its uses are need help writing a paper like those many other counterirritants, with the difference that its action longer continued. Dose. One-fourth two drops, in a pill with bread write my research paper for free seo article writing service or with a few drops olive oil. A sugar-coated cathartic pill will absorb a considerable fraction a drop, and may have its efficiency thus increased. Essence Valeriane, Baldrianol, This oil may used for the same purposes as valerian itself, although, account the absence valerianic acid, not representing all its activity. An old oil contains some valerianic acid.

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Dose. One or more drops, in pill or emulsion.

Crude opium seldom used in medicine, though occasionally cheap custom research papers convenient for pill-making account its extract-like consistency.

The dose would slightly larger than that the same specimen in powder, although the limits morphine contents business writing services allowed the Pharmacopoeia in the powdered opium are sufficiently wide make its dosage somewhat uncertain.

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The denarcotized opium represents a preparation known morphine strength half-way between the extreme limits the powdered opium. The minimum morphine strength for dried opium, according the edition, was ten per cent. no maximum being specified. In the present edition the minimum stated as twelve per cent. and the maximum as sixteen, which percentages are slightly raised a change in the method assay, as really call for thirteen seventeen per cent. If a medium strength fifteen per cent, uniformly selected, as has been suggested, and, as extremely desirable, the dose opium and its preparations should decreased one-third.





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