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The outing work, carried during the summer this association in cooperation with some her sister organizations, was notably very great need in this hot Southern city, where, as a general rule, the poor live in dismal alleys and courts.

Washington, whose association a little behind her predecessors in the number nurses employed, not one whit behind in the character and progressiveness her work. The association has now ten nurses. Seven these the general work the districts and the others are detailed special work, such as nurses for the tuberculosis dispensary, the day camp and at home work, carried the Tuberculosis Association.

They are also paying special attention the prevention infant mortality, where, as in Baltimore, the need for such The great problem, however, in which this association at present interested the school nursing.

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Unable assign nurses permanently the work themselves, they have been making repeated efforts obtain a congressional appropriation for such work.

So far their efforts have been fruitless, yet, I sure, that their aim will eventually accomplished and I quite certain that those who are fortunate enough know the superintendent the society will realize that no stone will left un turned accomplish the bringing about The Buffalo association developing quickly that has not only exceeded all expectations but has likewise exceeded its financial reserve, that strenuous efforts are being made raise money their coming district nursing day collect the funds necessary enable them, not only continue the work which they have begun, but, likewise, extend their efforts in the quarters where there always a very Like several the other associations, Buffalo supplies the tuberculosis and baby dispensary associations with nurses in The Hartford association, the report, which I have just read with much interest, small, having only four nurses including the superintendent, but the interest these nurses in public affairs has been well manifested and find that during the past year they have given the service a nurse for the schools for six months, emphasizing thereby her need such an extent that after that period the work was taken the school which the nurse had been assigned.

The donation the Gordon Russell Settlement House and an anonymous gift four thousand dollars for its repairs have added greatly the work providing a room in which clubs and dispensaries may I wish that might possible tell a little each the many associations that are doing dissertation writing help such active work throughout the country, but out the question, as I have previously said begin cover the ground. But in every city and town throughout the country, whether there one nurse or fifty, the work each day assuming new proportions, each day demonstrating the community the absolute need the district nurses. IN A few simple, one-sentence sermons the State health department gives the citizens Virginia some direct information the preservation health and happiness. Here are some the health proverbs which should pasted in the hat The man who says would rather have smallpox than vaccinated never had the An open window better pay for someone to write your paper than an open Warm rooms have killed more people If you let the child measles when young, you may save a doctor's bill later but you may have pay the undertaker now. A good iron pump costs less than a case If your milkman brings you warm milk, Wire screens in the windows may keep A fly in the milk often means a member If some people were as much afraid as they are bad water, there would When you see a child looking like an angel, not kiss you might make a real Scarletina may not sound dissertation writers online dangerous as scarlet fever, but ask the undertaker. all sizes and in different degrees prosperity, there must in connection with each them a storeroom or set storerooms various dimensions suitable the especial needs each particular institution the large modern write my phd dissertation hosI itals today being equipped with at least three and sometimes more than that, if one counted the supply closets in connection with the nurses diet kitchen, the wards and laundry, which are small storerooms in themselves, though not often termed as An institution this capacity generally in online writing help a financial condition furnish up-to-date labor-saving equipment and employ sufficient trained help manage all these household departments, both separately and jointly, in an economical and systematic manner, without overtaxing the time and But what the medium-sized and small hospilal that cramped both for funds and room? Here executive ability, economical and. systematic management in the household affairs are absolutely necessary in order that the institution may thrive, or at least exist and keep out debt. In such instances the funds not permit employing a full corps assistants or furnish but a meager etiuipmcnt. This necessarily causes double responsibility fall the already ervvorked sui erintendent, who often has added her many duties those steward and matron or general housekeejH Frequently because her position she unexpectedly help for writing papers called upon plan the details for a new storeroom, or the enlargement and rearrangement an old one. No doubt in the rush spensary and ward work she has not been gathering ideas such matters, with a view aiding the younger nurses, as well as some the older ones who have not had the advantage practical experience along these lines, that this paper written, dealing particularly with the management the general and kitchen storeroom belonging this class institutions.

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All storerooms sanitary and practical ought large, airy, cool and dry, and have at least two screened windows for the purpose light buy a essay and thorough ventilation and if there are two storerooms, the one for general supplies being located in the basement, louisiana purchase research paper as often the case, will found practical have the kitchen storeroom directly above, with elevator or stairway leading from one the other or in close proximity both, thus saving much annoyance in the transferring supplies. Strongly built sheh all the same width, should ranged around the walls at different distances apart that proper S ace may allowed for supplies kept in both large and need help with scholarship essay small receptacles. The lowest shelf should similar a low platform, about six inches from the floor and higher if there much danger dampness On this shelf may kept stores in barrels, large boxes, cans or sacks, too tall or bulky for the other shelves, a,nd the distance between this and the next shelf above should allowed accordingly. It also advisable allot a portion the shelving the different departments, keeping the stores for Many storerooms are fitted with stationary wooden bins for storing flour, sugar, etc. but according the writer's experience they are not as sanitary or handy as the remov able tin-lined drawers or other receptacles that may removed more easily, cleaned, sunned and aired. Neat stoneware jars and tin canisters, already labeled, both large and small sizes, can purchased for holding all sorts supplies but if the hospital finances will not permit this expenditure, not despair, as there are always some useful receptacles standing empty about the cellar or kitchen that may cleaned and brought duty again. Some these are the ten, twenty-five and fifty-pound lard cans, cottolene pails, discarded wooden candy buckets with covers, butter firkins and large tin cooky boxes. If none these are available they can often procured from the grocer, who usually glad dispose them for a small sum.





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