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He than presented the graduates with their pins. A reception and collation followed the exercises. The collation was served the pupil nurses after which several musical numbers were rendered and followed dancing. The commencement exercises will pleasantly remembered those participating.

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has increased its staff visiting nurses from seven nine, making an average one nurse each These nurses, in addition assisting the physician, pay daily visits the homes all sick babies registered with the league, and incidentally protect the league from imposters. Seven thousand babies are being custom writing services cared for in Paris visiting nurses under the supervision Dr. Caroline Hedger. Ten tents are located in different parts the city where sick babies are taken in and cared for.

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It said that in most instances the mothers take very kindly the nurses and their suggestions. Mich. has been appointed a medical missionary the southern portion China the board foreign missions hospital. She will leave in November for her new work, going way Alaska, where she will spend three months in charge the hospital at Katchican, putting writing helper a business basis. marriage take place in September, and will should never regarded as unimportant or negligible.

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The correction improper hygienic conditions and injudicious habits feeding should supplemented the use the one especially palatable, non-irritant, readily absorbable, non-constipating blood builder and In eleven-ounce bottles nnly.

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