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It generally assumed that expelled man from Paradise as a way punishing the human race for the sin disobedience committed can you write my assignment its earliest ancestors.

Yet the legend itself speaks neither sin nor punishment. Actually, Adam and Eve could not commit a sin in the present sense the word, since they had no knowledge good and evil before they ate the forbidden fruit.

And what reaction their disobedience? And the Lord said Behold, the man become as one know good and evil..

Does this sound like the college thesis writing help verdict a wrathful against a fallen sinner? And paraphrasing activity even more revealing the Biblical explanation the cause for his expulsion..

lest put forth his hand, and take also the tree life.. the sent him forth from the garden Eden. Again no word punishment, but an undertone apprehension as found in the story Let try translate at least some these gigantic pictures into intellectual concepts. Man was created a potentially free being. Whether or not would accept this greatest and also most fearsome all gifts, was the object his first decision.

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Endowed with intuitive consciousness in its purest form, was part a spiritual harmony called the Garden Eden.

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Only who learns the secrets destruction can distinguish between good and evil.

But the tree the knowledge good and evil, thou shalt not eat.. for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt college application essay service surely. At one pole stood submission the command, and the gift undimmed vision and eternal life at the other freedom, even which in the artistic language the was called science writers disobedience His command. But was disobedience a being who did not yet discern good and evil and who, therefore, did not yet know And the expulsion from Paradise? The says drove man from the Garden Eden, for in religious language all lies in the will But also makes clear that man expelled himself from a world perfect inner harmony and from the protection choosing find freedom through suffering and evil. If were start his long, weary journey into and beyond evil, the Garden Eden with Its Tree Life had disappear from his vision until, at last, might find his way back in freedom. The legend man's expulsion from Paradise Indicates a decisive change in human consciousness. With the statement that death was unknown in the Garden Eden, the myth itself clarifies a significant point does not refer an outer civilization whose remains could found paleontologists. From the expulsion onward, however, the outer aspect life earth became growing Interest man. With this growing Interest in the world, factual history emerged while myths and legends started lose ground. But for millenniums they continued tell the inner story human evolution, the story man's psyche and its changing relationship the outer and The folklore almost all peoples earth contains memories a primordial intuitive consciousness singular strength and purity, a consciousness which long before the age historical monotheism, aware the one But awareness a supreme deity did not preclude worship hierarchic beings a lesser order.





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