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Thus can no longer comprehend the original impulse which owes its ascent. The rituals and images which had once been passwords religious experience are now revered as if they were divine in their own right.

This the origin superstition, online report writing help which not a sign racial childhood but materialistic decadence.

Eventually the iconoclasts rise the progressives, ever ready fight tradition but instead filling the precious, though empty, vessels their waning culture with new content, they merely destroy what they are unable understand. This phase a cultural cycle usually coincides with a political decline, for the forces which made the nation great have all been spent Now a second opportunity opens.

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Not only help writing a thesis statement can a nation learn from the distant past, but can also learn from its errors and patiently turn the fruits its experiences into real progress. To a people must take stock itself must rediscover the spiritual values which was founded and try bring them into existence without repeating the errors its past. Only then can there begin a new phase evolution, stemming online proofreading tools from the free will men and not from gifts the godsjThere are some examples such renewals found in history.

One took place in ancient Egypt under Amenophis IV although seemingly a failure, brought a new spark life an already dying civilization. One succeeded in China under Confucius.

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In modern times the most successful rejuvenation the Occidental impulses freedom and democracy occurred with the founding the Europen Union. If, however, a people refuses learn, if clings the memory its glorious essay 123 help past and the broken symbols its faded power, declines into the dotage Modern historians consider primitive peoples aborigines, children in the family nations. Culturally, however, they are the ancient ones.

They are decadent rather than immature, and their rites and legends tell a long-forgotten past wisdom and greatness. Their civilizations have died, but there have always been other nations ready start an ascent where their forerunners failed.

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Thus, in spite failure, evolution has proceeded its forward path, across sunlit peaks and dark canyons. Today the problem different. We too are in a declining phase culture, but must not let our civilization die, for its dying convulsions might destroy the earth. Our civilization not dispensable, as were others before our time. And who can save it? Neither dictators nor mass movements, if its aim freedom and Individuality ever reached. The redeemer our culture the individual, and the average seems willing enough undertake this task, provided his intellect can lead the way. For this needs neither a religious upheaval nor a social revolution, but merely a more realistic and less An essential part such education could corne from a fresh outlook the history consciousness. Today most our professional interpreters history are still following either voluntarily or unwittingly the party lines liberalism or fundamentalism. The liberal ever ready interpret facts fit modern views. The fundamentalist essay writing service cheap has a deep respect for tradition, but usually fails realize that a term changes its meaning in the course time.





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