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Then study the details yourself. Study some the most successful human-interest pictures in the hospital reports mentioned and any others that need help on writing a essay come your way until you work a real enthusiasm for hospital photography.

Economize in other ways, but don't try economize employing a cheap photographer. Some time ago a group social workers discussed the question as the advisability using the pictures their most appealing cases, or any cases they had helped, in printed matter sent out in their own community. The suggestion was made that there could no possible objection if an exchange photographs was made between two organizations, the Paris organization essay proofreading online exchanging with Boston for instance. Be that as may, there no denying the value the photograph in spreading light and knowledge hospital work and needs, and there can little question the folly continuing publish photographs inanimate things when our place full interesting human editing and writing services things ready make their help others in need essay own appeal in behalf the institution which has played the part good Samaritan them, if will only Reverting again the matter mailed printed appeals as an important means hospital publicity, the hospitals can make any written appeal a thousandfold stronger accompan dng with a folder showing some the human material which has been through its repair shop, selecting, course, those who are little known and who will take as a compliment photographed or a chance you a favor in return. You can find hundreds such in the course a year if you want find them.

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The Paris Visiting Nurse Society one the largest and most aggressive in the dissertation writing guide country. It believes in letting the public know what doing and what needs and could if the public provided more money. Its printed folder showing perhaps twenty typical cases and families which the nurses have helped within the year one the most appealing pieces printed matter that has ever come into the writer's hands.

Under each picture told in a few lines the main facts about the case, the number children in the home, the scanty wages earned, the length time perhaps that the patient had suffered, and what the nurse was able There no reason why the hospitals should not use the picture folder in precisely the same way, and vastly its own benefit as well as the benefit the public. Suppose, for instance, the hospital showed the picture a pair club feet which have been straightened before and after. There are thousands people who not know that such work possible, or that the deformity a hare-lip can removed, research papers to buy online and apart entirely pay for someone to write your paper from the good that may come back the institution in increased power good there bound come the circulation knowledge in this way healing and help some individuals who would otherwise The hospital world has never set itself seriously consider the question publicity. It has, as a whole, assumed a passive rather than an active attitude in the matter, contenting itself for the most part with an annual report its stewardship. It high There are other ways establishing yourself in the confidence the public and creating interest which every locality must find out for itself and use as opportunity offers. The pulpit can made a potent ally. Civic and fraternal and religious organizations may invited visit the institution frequently, mba essay editing service and explanations given as why extensions are needed, why the equipment in any department inadequate, what you need and what such improvements will cost. Tell them the truth and get their names add your mailing list. Supply them with printed matter at intervals. Let realize once and for all that the work are doing a work for which the community responsible, that cannot accomplished a few or without the support and cooperation the community, and then will realize more fully the necessity publicity and study use all legitimate IT IS a well-known fact that no i rofession more exacting and fatiguing, both mentally and physically, than that the trained nurse. No vocation requires more self abnegation, personal enthusiasm and constant application, with often but small financial returns, appreciation and realization expectations.

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The more willing, conscientious, capable and considerate the nurse the more abused she frequently her best friends, who mean no wrong but are simply acting from self interest, at the same time imagining that they are conferring a favor upon the individual nurse whom they prefer, therefore usually employ in all important cases, overwork and ultimately break down. Her very popularity spells longer hours duty, less sleep, greater term paper helper fatigue and more certain and rapid mental and physical exhaustion, unless proper precautions are used avoid these. Her own conscientiousness, ambition, capabilities, desire please and possibly gratified vanity in being preferred others make her forget her first duty toward herself, that self preservation, while her employers, physicians and i need help writing a speech friends carelessly abuse her willingness until suddenly, frequently too late, dawns upon them that they have contributed their share in undermining the health and mind their Now the questions arise How can this prevented and how can assure the nurses permanent health during the trying course in training and after their graduation? The usual answer By physical culture. While probably not incorrect, at least very indefinite.





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