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often erroneously called the name propyiamine, with which identical in elementary composition, a colorless, volatile alkaloid fishy odor, contained in many vegetable and animal substances, but obtained commercially from herring pickle.

Its hydrochlorate crystallizable, and preferred for medicinal purposes as being less irritating.

Large doses appear capable producing death in animals, with symptoms, at first irritation, and afterward paralysis write my college essay for me the general motor, cardiac, and respiratory systems. It an irritant mucous membranes, and gives rise local irritation when given the stomach or subcutaneously. In medicinal doses causes a fall temperature and pulse without much action the secretions. It claimed have been used with great success in acute rheumatism, diminishing with rapidity the pain and fever, and, according some, shortening the duration the disease, while, from the statements others, the course the disease unaffected. stimulate their production, that where there was one formerly there are three or four or more now, and their numbers are multiply.

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Of all nurses, surely these most need suix-rvision, inquiry into character and habits, and some incentive i improve, et everywhere that registration laws exist fmd this class ignored ami the hospital-trained nurse, who has already fassed through a probation, a process selection, daily supervision and training, selecte still further toted and suix-rvi.


Any intelligent, fair-mindetl person will admit the stupidity this meth K protecting the public.

Any impartial judge would, if all the facts i need help writing an essay for college in the case were made known, announce his ipinion that the untrained nurses were far the most in need inspection, investigation, license and a measure keep ignoring this large body women who are in the nursing field, or are take steps properly grade and classify them, see that they remain in the class for which they have qualified and see that those who nurse for hire really qualify for some one class.

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Or are anathematizing them, seeing them multiply and making no effort improve the If they are receive some training, how much should for the term paper writing services diflfercnt grades and where and whom should given? This question no greater, science writers not as complicated, indeed, as the midwife question in England, where a large proportion women in childbirth are attended local midwives.

Some few years ago a beginning was made eliminate the unfit midwife, improve the quality the service rendered midwives and safeguard in all possible ways the life and health those who must depend midwives for care in their hour need. A standard training and scheme licensing and supervision was arranged and sufficient time allowed for all qualify who were fit practice. Those who had failed jualify within that time were given due notice and plenty time find some other occupation.

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This precisely what needs done in regard untrained or partly trained nurses in America. The unfit should weeded out, those who are good moral character and are willing improve should have an elementary course study antl i ractice outlined for them and encouraged improve their methods. All should placed in some class and have a measure local sui ervision. Will the trained nurses today help along this much-needed work regulation and grading untrained or partly trained nurses, or will they continue statement of purpose writing service ignore them? Will they content continue evolve theories for supplying such nur. ses for people limited means and In need help with essay this number present an article Mr. Richards Bradley which shows the Brattleboro plan organized service cooperation between the trained and untrained nurse. We commend the attention our readers. Commenting the article Nursing for People Limited Means, in the April number, an Omaha nurse has written voicing her entire approval the methods advocated and telling a plan she herself has started with a view helping She has a class three practical nurses under instruction. essay writer online They are studying Stoney s Practical Points in Nursing under her direction, and meet at intervals discuss various phases the practical problems that confront them. Before beginning instruction she exacts from each an agreement in writing that her prices will not exceed a week or for contagious cases.





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