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As man's vision faded, disappeared from human consciousness, and His servants took His place In the human soul. Gradually man's selfishness and Impurity, together with his growing individualism, distorted the originally pure images superhuman forces into monsters. And eventually all Inner vision faded, and made room for the empty abstraction the latter part the Greco-Roman era.

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What were those gods who for millenniums determined the course history, who were given credit for all progress in civilization, who were also the Inspirers aits and crafts? Were they really created man In his own linage? The numerous defenders this theory must have strange acquaintances if they can see the picture man in the divine dragon the Chinese, the totem poles the Indians, or the bull the Cretes. Kelly and Rasey, in their book education and the nature man, make the following statement When man Invented his gods, needed them greater than that could depend them for help. So made them allknowing, all-powerful and ever-present This passage Is quoted show how little thought given prominent scholars our time the most important problems ancient consciousness.

For every college student ought order cheap essay online know that the pagan gods cheap assignment writing help were anything but all-knowing, all-powerful and ever-present.

They were inner images reflecting the wisdom and power behind the various spiritual and natural phenomena existence.

Consequently, the scope influence and the mission attributed a deity were strictly limited. Far from being omniscient, a could deceived in contrast the ultimate power destiny, which held sway over gods as well as Priests and philosophers all not fully decadent cultures saw in gods members a higher principle, which they could no longer reach. Thinkers like Plato and the greatest his predecessors never ceased lamenting mankind's loss intuitive vision, the wane ever since recorded history began. Just as a man going blind may no longer able see beyond the outstretched hands his guide, the pagan priest could discern God no more than the fingers His hands and these called his gods.

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But although was fully aware that behind them was a central Power, the Great Spirit or Unknown God worshiped divine attributes as deities in their own right. This explains why almost all ancient creeds, while crediting their gods with superhuman power, see them bound How, i need help writing a thesis paper then, if the gods were part can account for their evil deeds, vengefulness, and injustice? As the fruit a plant cannot ripen unless the flower from which stems dies, the human soul cannot mature without trial and suffering. There wisdom indeed in the blows fate. But as the flower, were able think, would plead with the elements which destroy and consider them cruel, does man dread and sometimes hate the forces illness and death.

To the pagan the wisdom and power behind grief and adversity had the semblance an evil, vengeful Misled decadent priests might try placate such a The most advanced personalities in antiquity knew that people different racial, tribal, and personal characteristics were meant learn different lessons from fate. Thence the variety cults and creeds guided the teachers the socalled mystery schools, the ecclesiastic universities ancient times, who held their fingers the pulse civilization. In the pre-Hellenic era essay writing services usa the wellspring culture was the Orient.

There are many indications that students from the West gathered in the gigantic temple schools Babylon, Assyria, Asia Minor, and Egypt, and even earlier in Ur, receive knowledge and instruction for their future tasks as statesmen scholars, and mba essay review service philosophers.. have learned how that flower genius Greece drew its sap from Lydians and Hittites, from Phoenicia and Crete.. but the roots farther back behind all these lies Sumer. The wisdom that epoch was overwhelming but entirely geared the supernatural, buy an essay the intuitive. The temple towers the ziggurats best thesis writing were observatories write my phd dissertation as well as shrines. Babylonian priests reckoned the motion the planet Mercury more accurately than Hipp archus or Ptolemy.





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