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And indeed, what there in our present civilization stir youth enthusiasm and self-control? How many in this generation still believe that suppression wars will bring peace the world, that shorter working hours will bring happiness people already tormented boredom? The young generation today suffering from a supposed lack higher purpose in life, and without such a higher purpose youth cannot exist. The blame for this plight rests with with the educators, scientists, and philosophers our generation, who have failed in the interpretation historical evolution. Is really difficult find meaning in history, just because are forced admit that modern men as individuals are neither wiser nor better than their ancestors? Wisdom and goodness are not among the gifts historical evolution can bestow as a matter fact, they cannot gifts at all.

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For then goodness and wisdom would mean no more than desirable qualities in No, history has never been a breeder good and wise human beings, but neither has been prone, as many modern philosophers claim, run forever in circles.

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There have never been H-bombs before.

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