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This not said minimize the utilitarian significance great inventions, but only show that must not expect them what they cannot give.

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Once man looked the starry heaven in unspeakable longing, a longing that brought him closer Today plan shoot missiles the nioon, and dream bestowing the doubtful blessings our own civilization upon other planets.

But should succeed, the prophesy the legend will borne out.

men shot arrows at the sky, and they came back bloodied The wisdom contained in the and in other records even older origin should give the champions emergent evolution some pause for reflection. The human race may have existed earth for millions years while the great treasures its culture may not older than several millenniums. Still the fact remains that, almost as soon as man's spirit could fully express itself through the medium his physical organism, its messages reflected memories a world supernal greatness and superintellectual wisdom? Vere true that the human spirit merely a higher form animal consciousness, its first recorded expressions could not have dealt with the supernatural. Were true that human wisdom solely the fruit trial and error, social experience, business writing services company and established habits civilization, or at least our leaders should have wisdom far exceeding that the leaders mankind at the Even today many people, including teachers, believe that Darwin actually claimed that man descended from the ape. This, in the literal sense, not correct. What Darwin's write my research paper online theory indicated was that man and the apes now living have a common ancestry.

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