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But the span a bridge supported from one bank only cannot carry its burden for long.

It cer tainly will not survive the storms this age unless man succeeds also in fortifying the paraphrasing and summarizing other pillar, and making equally The gradual change in consciousness, the repeatedly mentioned shift in values, appears have occurred independently man's own decisions, and must therefore considered part an involuntary evolution. The tremendous intuitive capacity our ancestors, which gave birth all our religions, arts, and sciences, cannot attributed a conscious training the part primitive man. It simply existed or developed as a part human nature. The same holds true the development modern intellect. Its attainment was neither willed nor desired man, at least not consciously. On the contrary, the most powerful institutions the transition period, hospital and state, tried vigorously but vainly stem the tide intellectual development. It for this reason that can call both intuition and intellect the results involuntary evolution.

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Yet the fact that intuition began wane when intellect started flourish should not make believe that the former has irrevocably died in man.

If had, could not higher english essay help live, fight, and die for ideals which analytical thinking have lost their reality. Just as a builder may need help writing research paper board off an already finished part a structure that more energy and strength can flow into the parts still erected, umi dissertation services i need help writing a research paper the forces evolution appear have put sleep certain primordial faculties man that the bright light consciousness could stream fully into new areas his unfolding being.

But in view the scientific, military, purchase research paper online and social revolutions this century, cannot help believing that the phase involuntary development has now ended, succeeded a new state conscious evolution, wherein responsibility rests entirely man himself. The mere fact that the fate the whole race lies for the first time in his own hands seems indicate that destiny has abandoned her reins man.

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Thus has come age, and the task before him Herculean. To succeed in will need command over all the faculties hidden help with assignment writing in his being.

The wheel history cannot turned back modern man neither can nor should give the high degree analytical intelligence has gained in the course centuries, nor need lose interest in his editing i need help on my english essay services great achievements in the material world. But can match these gifts destiny a conscious effort restrengthen his dormant intuitive powers. Man needs religion, but religion as today has neither protected the world's most devout nations from atheism nor stemmed the tide crimes, insanity, and suicides.

The fault lies not with religion itself, but with the sterile soil into which has been transplanted. Once reset in its own ground, religion could have a tremendous effect modern man. But neither coercion nor persuasion, nor the stirring religious hysteria among the masses, will help achieve this goal. The first step toward a revival spiritual forces a clear recognition their existence and the expansion scientific thinking the point where can comprehend man as a unique being, and not as the product accidental molecular and biological processes. Only such thinking can successfully foster the development objective inner college essay writers block perception, match the outer perception which has received much scientific training and Let assume that a student endowed with rather indifferent faculties educated for scientific observation and interpretation complicated facts. At first likely perceive and register incorrectly a phenomenon which passes before him. It for this reason that as a rule scientific education requires the student acquire theoretical knowledge before proceeding experimentation and observation.





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