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Leaving aside all the countless forms and aspects those two conflicting world concepts, and turning only toward master's thesis help what experienced, must admit that at the first glance man appears as a twofold being.

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His body consists matter his primitive instincts are animal-like, and his very existence depends the same natural factors which sustain the essay on customer service life other creatures. Thus unquestionably belongs a world ruled the laws matter and biological processes. Man also a spiritual being. His thoughts may depend for their manifestation the structure his brain, but neither their origin nor their contents lies in the realm help with writing matter or physical energy. Still, however intangible they may thoughts are realities. Often defying biological purposes, they can cause man sacrifice his life, the life his offspring, and even the life his whole race, for the sake ideas.

dissertation help services So long as only these two aspects human nature are considered, a dualistic world concept prone emerge. However, the dualist makes the mistake disregarding his own selfhood which closes the gap between the world senses and the world ideas, the realm biology and the realm the spirit. He fails see that man's ego, his unique capacity for merging physical and spiritual consciousness into the oneness selfawareness, closes the apparent rift dualism and confirms the world concept monism, which believes in only one fundamental reality. And yet a human being cannot comprehend himself and his greatest gift, freedom, unless learns contemplate the oneness creation in its various aspects, which Actually, the history dissertation writing services human professional editing services consciousness could rewritten from the viewpoint man's attitude toward the three aspects reality the intuitive, the sensual, and the bridge between them his ego.

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During the classical eras some nations, especially ancient online research paper writer Greece, there were great personalities, the artists among them in particular, who knew that human culture must rest these three facets reality, which find their expression in religion, science, and individual freedom. What they built survived the ages and added lasting values the spiraling course historical evolution. Yet the classical periods were short-lived and not really rooted in the consciousness the masses.

Thus every historic epoch labored build the edifice its culture one single aspect human nature, while neglecting the others.

No wonder that none them could withstand the tempests history for long. Necessary as was for civilizations die, the fruits their labors could have survived better and their foundations been firmer.

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But as cultures predominantly rooted in mysticism paid scant attention the physical needs men, and fell into Eras like ours, preoccupied with materialistic science, inevitably misdirect man's unfulfilled longings into pseudoreligious ideologies, powerful enough threaten civilization as Civilizations overemphasizing individualism online custom essays only too often neglect spiritual aims and physical realities, and consequently become easy victims self-worshiping persuasive essay help tyrants.

Only when man will learn less one-sided, and build his life and that his nation the principles individualism, spiritual values, and physical realism alike, will the edifice human culture To our mystically inclined ancestors the world was important chiefly insofar as furthered man's spiritual life. Now the scales have tipped toward the other extreme. Religion has become merely the more or less valued servant material exist ence and art, once the sacred messenger from superhuman realms, seldom more than exhibitionism. This shift values, at first almost photo editing service imperceptible, became obvious in the late Middle Ages, when vigorous efforts were made check its progress. Exhortations were followed attempts at persuasion fire and sword. Both methods met with failure, for unknowingly the defenders an antimaterialistic consciousness were as much affected creeping materialism as were their foes, the protagonists a more earth-bound trend. How else could they have conceived halting a universal change consciousness threat physical punishment? In retrospect, the emergence a materialistic era seems have been inevitable, and thus a part human destiny.

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