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Naturally, power plays its role too, since human evolution has not yet reached the state at which the authority strength can entirely abandoned.

But history shows that the use power whether aggressive, defensive, or purely protective accepted others only when congruous the best websites to buy essays ideology the nation applying that power.

Especially the Oriental mind, ruthlessness and force are in themselves not repulsive as Western armchair-diplomats believe, inasmuch as a successful conqueror considered the tool destiny and hence the servant a powerful deity. Thus the Moslem leaders who conquered with fire and sword were not only victorious they were also profoundly respected the majority their victims. For Islam leaves the attainment saintliness its saints and does not claim a religion peace and humility. In the area in which religion and politics meet the Medical nations have failed. Being merely human, neither better nor worse than others, they too have used power politics throughout their history. For this they would have been forgiven the world, had they not claimed that as Medicals they were bound the moral code pronounced in the research paper order online Sermon the Mount. While sat essay help fighting and killing, they preached nonresistance evil and the turning the other cheek. While their missionaries taught the Sermon the Mount, their governments engaged in military conquest, colonialism, and violence. Is surprising, then, that some the most devout native converts turned into the bitterest enemies Medicality? So great has the distrust Medical pretenses grown that even Russia, once abrogated Medicality and embraced the new creed communism, became acceptable such countries as India and China.

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From a religious point view the Soviets appear less hypocritical than the Western Powers the non-Medical world. For their creed candid enough. Its aim the establishment an earthly paradise, a heaven for human ants and robot thesis assistance men.

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To achieve this end all means are permissible, since according help in writing essay the Soviet creed no absolute moral values exist. The liturgy that creed dialectical sophism. Therefore if the Communists are aggressive, ruthless, and treacherous in the pursuit their aims, they are nevertheless faithful their creed. In the eyes the Oriental, who through history have betrayed our own ideals and have thus become guilty the most despicable all disloyalties, online proofread the disloyalty our There can no doubt that the Medical nations have failed at least as much as others in moral achievement.

This does not mean that they have actually broken faith with their religion, but rather that they themselves have been the victims theses and dissertations theological misunderstandings.

doctor, like the founders other great religious movements, made different demands people In different stages development. He refused explain his parables the crowds, lest too much knowledge burden average men with too great responsibility. The evangelists took pains indicate whom specific admonitions were directed, as in reporting the following editing services inquiry Peter Lord, speakest thou this parable unto or even all? Luke. Had actually demanded that all men should reject force unconditionally, his command obey Caesar in matters pertaining this world would have been meaningless. With this problem in mind, let have another look at the Sermon the Mount. To whom was given? And seeing the multitudes, went into a mountain and when was set, his disciples came unto him and opened his mouth, and taught them.





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