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North America, from far north southward Georgia cheap essay services and westward Minnesota.

The illustration gives a good idea the appearance the drug, natural size the twigs are slender, flexible, and mach tangled in the drug, and unless packed tightly in the bate the upper part the bale apt contain mainly twigs and the lower part most the leaves the leaves are obovate or oval, ehort-petiolate, ob scurely serrate with teeth hard, sharp and appressed, coriaceous or leathery, smooth and glossy, varying in color Iroru green brown odor fragrant and taste pleasantly aromatic. Volatile oil, tannin, etc.

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Stimulant and slightly astringent.

Dose grams, in infusion or fluid extract. N. Chimaphila, Pipsissewa, Prince's Pine. Leaves Chimaphila umbellata Ericaecte. help to write essay The leaves alone should used, bat twigs are always admixed, North America, Nova Scotia Georgia, west the Pacific. The illustration gives a good idea the drug, natural size the leaves are cuneatelanceolate, or oblanceolate, with margin serrate at apex and entire near the base, coriaceous, smooth, dark-green brown, with little odor and a bitterish, slightly astringent taste.

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Arbutin, chimaphilin, a small proportion tannic acid, etc. Alterative, astringent and tonic. Dose grams or more, in infusion or in fluid extract. The two drugs just described, Gaultheria and Chimaphila, are a good illustration the necessity using Latin scientific instead common English or vernacular names.

Both them are called Wintergreen, that much confusion arises from the application this same name two different drugs and in own experience these particular two drugs doctoral dissertation writing caused more trouble in this regard than all other drugs put together, before I finally learned call only Gaultheria the name Wintergreen.

In the text, therefore, Wintergreen not given as one the English names Chimaphila, and throughout this book care taken apply an English name only the one drug which most commonly applied, even when the same name used for several Eriodyction, Yerba Santa. Leaves Eriodictyon glutinosum Hydrophyllacece. The leaves are always mixed with the twigs.

California. The illustration shows a large specimen the drug in natural size, showing the manner in which leaves and twigs are agglutinated, and also one leaf whole in natural size frequently, however, the leaves are smaller, more broken and agglutinated into almost formless masses, or broken into small fragments. The small drawing shows the venation the lower surface a leaf, after having removed the resin soaking in warm soda lye, then washing and cheap term paper for sale drying. The leaves are lanceolate or oblong-lanceolate, acute, irregularly dentate, upper surface smooth, grayish green or brownish and glossy from resin, lower surface grayish, netted veined and hairy odor best web content writing services fragrant taste aromatic, sweetish. Acrid resin and small quantity volatile oil, etc. Stimulant blennorrhetic and expectorant. Dose grams.

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