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Urticacear. Cultivated in tropical and subtropical countries. As found in the trade, figs are partly dried and then compressed into wooden boxes they are irregular in shape, mostly somewhat flattened, angular, yellowish-brown, fleshy, covered with an efflorescence sugar, and contain many minute Irnits which are commonly called seeds odor fragrant, fruit-like, and taste very sweet and slightly mucilaginous.

The illustrations show the hollow receptacle, whole and in longitudinal section, natural size pear-shaped, short-stalked, with the opening at apex protected some scales in the section the part shaded in small dots the receptacle and the interior shows the manner in which the many minute female flowers are arranged.

The smaller drawings represent a few female flowers and one male flower, both much enlarged. The unripe fruit green, changing ripening purplish-green or purplish-red yellowish-red, free custom research papers according variety.

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The male flowers are situated near the orifice while the interior contains only female flowers fertilization depends largely small insects which carry the pollen with them as they enter the receptacle their way gather nectar from the flowers within, and reported that the figs California were mnch improved the introduction tbii insect from the fig-orchards Smyrna in Asia Minor, from which obtain the best figs the trade. While the fruit green contains a milky juice, which disappears when the fruit ripens the matured rait long and thick at the book writing help widest someone to write my paper part, and the compressed commercial fruit resumes its natural shape and size soaking in water. sugar, some gum, etc.

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Demulcent and laxative. Koasted flgs are sometimes applied abscesses spike or inflorescence Chavica officinarwm thesis writing service Piperacete. examples of dissertations East Indian and Philippine Islands.

The rhachis, with the fruits arranged spirally around the rhachis, giving the whole a nodulated appearance blackish-gray, dusty odor and taste like those black pepper. One the drawings shows the tip about one-fourth total length the fresh female spike, a being the berries and the bracts which accompany the ovaries and which develop as the fruit develops.


The other drawing shows a section the cylinder, order custom essays online with berries arranged around the rhachis the spike. Both drawings are very much enlarged.

All these structures are present in the drug, but when dried and partially how to write a phd thesis disfigured attrition which the dusty appearance the drug due cannot seen as distinctly in the drug as in the fresh write my report buy a college paper online free spike or in the drawing. Like those black pepper piperin, fatty oil, resin, volatile oil, etc.

Small, depressed-globular, slightly lobed or ridged fruits, about in diameter, yellowish-gray greenish-brown, very brittle and fragile the minute seed flattish, circular, glossy black, with the embryo curved around the edges the seed the fruit a utricle, but closely surrounded and united with the five segments the calyx which form the bulk the fruit, that more proper consider this a spurious fruit. The drawings show a section a seed, and the whole fruit, both much enlarged the lobing however, often much less prominently marked. Odor offensively aromatic, peculiar, and taste bitterish pungent. Volatile oil. Anthelmintic. Dose grams. There a great diversity forms fruits this kind and works botany give separate and distinctive names quite a number varieties these fruits.





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