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Cultivated in the Orient, Mediterranean countries and California. Thin, clear, pale-yellow oil with nutty odor and bland taste. Mainly olein, a little palmitin Cotton Seed Oil. The fixed oil expressed from the seeds Gossypiutn herbaceum Malvacea purified and bleached. Subtropical countries mainly Southern part United States. Pale yellow oil, without odor and with a bland nutty taste. Olein, palmitin, and yellow coloring principle..

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A fixed oil expressed from the seeds Linum usitatissimum Linea. Cultivated in the Levant, Europe and United States.


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Seldom used internally, but occasionally used externally as an ingredient Carron Oil, or lime college application essay service liniment, used as an application in burns, as a protective. Mainly used in Boiled Linseed oil prepared boiling linseed oil with so-called dryers, such as litharge, red lead, sugar lead, manganese dioxide, etc. this renders a better drying oil, but care must taken that boiled linseed oil not used internally instead pure linseed oil, as the boiled oil poisonous. Linseed oil often used as a laxative in cases colic essay writing websites in horses, cows, etc.

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and cases are record where the administration boiled linseed oil has N. Olive Oil, Sweet Oil. A fixed oil obtained from the fruits Olea Eur a Oleacece. There are several grades this oil Virgin Oil, obtained cold pressure a second grade oil, obtained mixing the press-cake with hot water and again expressing and an inferior oil obtained from the residue this second pressing after has undergone fermentation. This last grade oil mainly used in the manufacture Castile soap. Asia and Southern Europe.

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