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Its dreadfully cold and dreary.

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She now resembles mother and This a fair example his reproductions. While reciting these writing essay help and similiar uncanny associations usually became very nervous and help with writing paper excited, that frequently became necessary arouse him from his dreamy state for fear that would some harm. When I went still further into the different components these associations, I found that they were all explained some fairy persuasive essay help tale or myth.

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Thus, the flying was not only determined flying fairies, but recalled also the story Perseus, who undertook an expedition against the Islands the Gorgons, for which purpose was furnished Vulcan with a sickle-shaped sword, Mercury with winged shoes, etc. He vividly recalled the many adventures Perseus encountered, how rode the flying horse Pegasus, doctoral dissertation writing help and how finally cut off Medusa's head, and The subject flying always had a morbid interest for him. He often had dreams and fancies flying above tall trees and tropical vegetations. As far as I could investigate they were based the infantile Allmacht der Gedanken allmightiness thought, when wished big and imitate the heroes his imaginary world. Later in life noticed that the flying dreams and fancies usually occurred whenever was very depressed. They thus served as a compensation for his sorrows or as a refuge from reality also, flying above the clouds and high trees the opposite going down the bowels the earth. The latter were identified with his mother's bowels, i. the interior his mother. At the age six and seven years, and perhaps even earlier, often yearned back in his mother's bowels.





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