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Beef Suet or Tallow used for similar purposes N.

Bone-black, animal charcoal.

Bones domestic animals are subjected destructive distillation heating red heat in closed retorts without access air. The residue in the retort animal charcoal. Dull black gritty powder, or small lamps, without taste or odor. Insoluble in alcohol or water.

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Charcoal together with phosphate and carbonate lime. Animal charcoal can distinguished from vegetable charcoal Incineration, when leaves about eighty-flve per cent ash, while vegetable charcoal leaves only two or three per cent ash. For decolorizing solutions vegetable principles, such as Purified Animal Charcoal not a drug but a preparation.

It made removing the earthy salts from animal charcoal dilute hydrochloric acid. N.

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Musk. It comes into the trade in the sacs, writing and editing services glands, or pods already described in Group IV. The Pharmacopoeia recognizes only the contents these glands, and the retail druggist probably rarely buys musk in pods, but buys the official drug which described as the dried secretion from the preputial follicles custom paper writing Moschus moschiferus Musk occurs in small, irregular, somewhat ujctuous, dark reddish-brown granules, which have a bitterish taste and peculiar penetrating and persistent odor.

Musk hygroscopic who needs to write a thesis and contains about ten per cent moisture when completely dried loses its odor, but recovers It re-absorbing moisture, and were described under Motohas, Group IV, which see.

Adulterations. cheap resume writing services Musk frequently how to buy essay adulterated, especially In this, Its official, form dried blood, muscular tissue, hair, etc. are mixed with genuine musk, and may detected N. Sugar Milk. From the milk the cow, Bos Taurus class Mammalia order Buminantia. Domesticated. The whey left after cheese-making boiled down, when the sugar crystallizes out this then red solved, decolorized and crystallized strings or slicks. It usually comes in yellowish white, hard, cylindrical, crystal line masses, from ten thirty or more centimeters long, three five centimeters in diameter. The powder gritty, white, inodorous and bat faintly sweetish. Ml.

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