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After a time I treated her as I would have done a child who had rapidly weaned, and was thus successful a series changes in diet in enabling her increase a sufficient and comfortable extent the When using milk as a restricted diet in cases fat anaemia, sometimes necessary substitute beef-soup buy essays cheap for a day account the disgust Early this spring, came under care with partial hysterical paralysis the right and hemransesthesia need help college essay the left side. She had no power feel pain or distinguish heat from cold, but touch was perfect.

The long strain great moral suifering had left her in this state, and rendered her somewhat emotional.

Her appetite was fair, but she was strangely white, and weighed one hundred and sixty-three pounds, with a height five feet five inches. As she had had endless treatment iron, change air, and the like, I website copywriting services did not care repeat what had already failed.

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She was therefore put at rest in bed, and treated with milk, slowly lessened in amount.

Her stomach troubles, which had been very annoying, professional essay writing services at once disappeared, and when the milk fell three pints she began lose flesh. With a quart milk a day she lost half a pound daily, and in personal statement help uni two weeks her weight fell one hundred and forty pounds. She was then placed the full treatment, which I shall hereafter describe.

The weight returned slowly, and with she became quite ruddy, while her flesh lost altogether its flabby character.

I never saw a more striking or more instructive result. I have been careful speak at length these fat anaemic cases because, while rare, they have been, at least, among the most difficult manage all the curable anaemias, and because with the plan described I have been almost as successful as I could The use milk makes nearly always an essential part early treatment the mass cases.

Help 123 essay

I mean those who are thin and anaemic.

Let suppose that have carefully studied a case and decided that have deal with a person who thin-blooded, feeble, and lacks flesh.

Let make sure that there no grave uterine or other malady, no renal or pulmonary disease, nothing worse than constant dyspepsia and the numberless aches and tires which characterize these patients.

We sep arate the woman from her friends, and professional paper writers put her The next step get her degrees a milk diet, which has two advantages. It enables know precisely the amount food taken, and regulate easily and nearly always dismisses, as magic, all the dyspeptic conditions. If the case an old one I rarely omit the milk but, although I begin with three ounces every two hours, I increase in a few days two quarts, given in divided doses every three hours. If a cup coifee given without sugar awaking does not regulate the bowels, I add a small amount watery extract aloes at bedtime or if the constipation obstinate, I give thrice a day one quarter a grain aloes with two grains dried ox-gall. I find the simple milk diet a great aid towards getting rid chloral, bromides, and morphia, all which I usually able lay aside during the first week treatment. Nor less easy with the same means enable the patient give stimulus, and I may admission college essay help add that in the congested stomach the habitual hard drinker the milk treatment admirable efficacy. As I have spoken over and over the use stimulus nervous women, I should careful explain that anything like great excess the part women the upper classes in opinion, extremely rare, and that when I speak the habit stimulation I mean only that nervous women are apt assignment writing services students taught take wine or whisky daily, an extent that does not english essay grammar rules affect visibly their appearance or demeanor. Meanwhile the mechanical treatment steadily pursued, and in four days a week, when the stomach has become comfortable, I order the patient take also a light breakfast. In a day or two she given a mutton-chop as a midday dinner, and in a day or two more she has added bread and butter thrice a day within ten days I commonly able allow three full meals daily, as well as three or four pints milk, which are given at and after Within ten days I order also two ounces fluid malt extract before each meal. I have tried all the extracts, but I prefer the imported Hoff fluid No troublesome symptoms usually result from this full feeding, and the patient made eat more largely being fed her attendant.





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