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It has also been given in rheumatism, but if the constitutional action desirable, as in this disease and in mercurialism, the alkaline sulphides are more efficient. In lead-poisoning the laxative effect an important addition the constitutional, that the sulphur might in this case deserve the preference. Sulphur has been considered great value in the treatment hay fever, a piece roll brimstone being held in the mouth and in diphtheria, the sublimed sulphur being blown into the fauces. It difficult see how these procedures can great value, since the amount sulphurous acid present, which must the only active constituent, extremely small in any case.

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Externally, sulphur has been very extensively used as a cure for itch, in the form ointment. The number mulse for sulphur ointments large, and the explanation their action not altogether satisfactory.

It noticed that all the more recent preparations, made with purified or precipitated sulphur, contain. an alkaline ingredient, a salt top dissertation writing services potash, ammonia, lime, or soap. It highly probable that the older sulphur ointments, made with sublimed sulphur, and without this addition, owed phd thesis writing service their efficacy as parasiticides a larger amount sulphurous acid than now likely present. Sulphur alone does not kill the itch insect but, the other hand, salves made with addition alkalies develop sulphides, which are rapid and custom writing plagiarism efficient poisons the parasite. The mechanical effect sulphur in breaking the burrows and dislodging the inhabitants, or prevent their supply air, as well as similar results from the eczema produced, are also essay 123 help important factors writing thesis proposal in the curative action.

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Similar ointments are used in other affections the skin. Sulphur fumigations are really applications volatile sulphurous cheap custom term paper acid. Most sulphur baths and sulphur mineral waters are solutions sulphuretted hydrogen, or the alkaline Dose.

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As a laxative, one four drachms, four sixteen grammes.

If a constitutional effect desired, a smaller dose given, and repeated several times in the day. For this latter purpose the precipitated sulphur preferred. Any syrup may used as a vehicle, as in the classic brimstone and treacle This possesses a musky odor, which gives one its common names, and bitter aromatic taste. It has the properties and uses many other members its class, having been used as a nervine account its essay writing assignment help volatile constituent, and as a mucous alterative account its resin. It however, little employed at present.

Dose. In powder, eight twenty-three grains, one-half one and Suppositories form a convenient means applying drugs the rectum or vagina, where they websites that will write essays for you may produce either a purely local effect, as in the case astringents or antiseptics, or a general action due absorption, as in the case buy cheap thesis opiates or other neurotics or mercurials. Their absorption probably a little slower. than in the case drugs given the mouth, but rather account the excipient employed than from the locality. It safer, however, when powerful drugs are thus administered, not exceed the dose which would proper if given the mouth.





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