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NURSING fast Irending toward becoming an ordinary occupation, an ccui ation entered into primarily as a means obtaining a livelihood. term papers writing service It, therefore, may useful take a look backward for a few minutes over the dusty road that has been lra eled and note some the puposes and ideas that have determined its direction and contour. As this are at once struck with the prominence and the prevalence the missionary idea and the military idea in nursing work the past. Not the missionary idea in its meaning teaching religion others, nor the military idea in its meaning fighting.

But the missionary idea in its broad meaning best custom essay doing good others, and the military idea in its sense adherence discipline and its sacrifices not marked money remuneration. Great neglect sick people existed in earlier times. To meet this neglect proofread my essay find that monks and nuns and sisterhood organizations took in and cared for many the sick and unfortunate.

This was the missionary spirit. The organized sisterhoods and the orders deaconnesses grew into prominence in special places.

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These cared for the sick in many localities, and still in a manner somewhat resembling that centuries back.

Their work was not for money making, but with missionary But this was not trained nursing in the modern sense. Trained nursing quite strictly originated with Florence Nightingale. And with her work also the military idea entered into the work. When she volunteered follow the soldiers into war, care for them in case need, she mingled the missionary custom essay meister idea in nursing with the military idea in about equal proportions. The band nurses led Florence Nightingale went with the soldiers into war and with the same general purpose, with the same or similar patriotism write my math paper and similar self-sacrifice. Neither the soldier or the nurse were paid for the sacrifices. Both were exert great and unrecompensed efforts when emergency came, both were stand ready sacrifice health and even life, if chance came, and for no personal reward or gain.





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