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Sometimes imagined himself fighting, which gave the same result. On one occasion while throwing his pins at a picture one them dissertation project fell through the window into the garden, and as children were wont play there, soon became obsessed with the idea that one the children might swallow the pin and die.

This was the first obsession this kind and continued in different forms.

All these patients showed a special interest higher english critical essay help in their anal activities in childhood and in adult life. Later when the infantile activities paper writer services the anal zone remained in a state repression they belonged that class persons who prolong the act defecation reading books and newspapers in the water-closet.

Thus X. referred the water-closet as his library.

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With the onset the neurosis which signified a failure repression, the originally enhanced anal activities came the surface in the form symptoms, the neurosis represented the negative the perversion. The analyses these as well as a number other cases fully corroborate Freud's formula, that the permanent distinguishing traits a person are either unchanged continuations the original impulses, subliminations the same, or reactions formed against them. Sammlung kleiner Schriften zur Neurosenlehre, Series.

Freud Anal Erotic, see also Ferenczi Contributions Psychoanalysis, Chap. XIII, and Jones, Papers help with a research paper Psychoanalysis Chap. XL.

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Baillier,Tindal cheapest essays writing services and Cox, London. William Its Relation the Dream and Unconscious When examine the literature wit from Aristotle our present time, are struck the fact that despite the universality wit comparatively little has been written the subject, and that although many excellent theories coursework questions have been advanced, notably Jean Paul, Theodore Vischer, and Fischer, none these authors has gone Without entering into detailed descriptions I shall simply state that the characteristic qualities wit as given the most prominent authors are the following activity, the relation the content wit our thoughts, the character the playing judgment, the union dissimilarities, contrasting ideas, sense in nonsense, the succession confusion and clearness, the sudden emergence the hidden, and the peculiar kind brevity. On close examination can readily seen that these qualities, though readily demonstrable many examples wit, represent only isolated fragments, and give little information about the deeper psychological mechanisms wit. Indeed no author thoroughly explains the individual determinants wit. Also the divisions wit are based some authors the technical means, and others the usage wit in speech. The reason for all these diversities thesis writing service and discrepancies that, with the exception Freud, no author penetrated deeply enough into the subject.

Here, as in many other branches normal and abnormal psychology Freud pushed when the others have stopped, and in his book, Wit and Its Relation the Unconscious, solves the riddle wit as solved the riddle the neuroses and psychoses. Following Freud I have divided this paper into the analytical, synthetical, and theoretical customer service essays parts. Disraeli once remarked that old persons are apt fall into anecdotage. The word anecdotage, though in itself incomprehensible, can readily analysed show its original full sense and analysis find that made two words, anecdote and dotage. That instead saying that old persons are apt fall into dotage, and that old persons are fond telling anecdotes, Disraeli fuses the two words together forming a neologism, anecdotage, and thus simultaneously expresses both ideas. The technique, therefore, lies in the fusion the two words.





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