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The formed materials stored in the cells the heart wood render many woods valuable, either because these substances have medicinal virtues or because they can used for dyeing in either case, woods containing them become valuable as drags. The stems the trees the temperate zone, where there complete cessation growth daring winter, are marked with perfect concentric annual rings stems trees tropical climes, where growth masters dissertation writing services not thus completely help to write a thesis statement suspended for a season, bat goes all the year, have no such rings, although they may marked with spurions rings, as seen, for instance, custom writing plagiarism in the section a false pareira brava, shown page.

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With the exception juniper wood, which however, rarely used, all the woods the drug trade are from tropical trees and have spurious rings this, however, little importance, as all the woods sold as drugs are sold as shavings or raspings, and impossible, therefore, determine this feature in the fragments that constitute the drugs. Woods may show a uniform structure wood-cells under the microscope, the cells varying in size, but otherwise alike, and traversed at more or less regular intervals the medullary rays such woods are closegrained and even section. Other woods have large ducts interspersed among the wood-cells, and such woods are more porous and show large openings transverse section the peculiar grouping these help in writing a thesis statement ducts sometimes aids in the recognition the wood. Bat the most easily observed, and at the same time sufficiently characteristic feature woods for recognition, can i pay someone to write my essay color, and group woods as follows Only one white wood, quassia, importance.

ome authors mention Santalum album as a white wood, but merely the sap-wood the same plant from which Santalum citrinum obtained and seldom met with, and worthless. wood imported in billets various sues, dense and tough, medium hardness, porous, with minute pitb and narrow medullary rays in the drug trade, however, occurs as Coarse, light, white shavings or raspings, odorless and intensely bitter.

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A bitter principle called quaaaiin. It contains no tannin and the infusion therefore compatible with iron salts.

The quassia need in Europe the wood Quassia amara, the same natural order as the plant which yields the drug used in this country. The wood Quassia ainara called in the trade Surinam Quassia, the shrub from which obtained being indigenous Surinam. It resembles the Jamaica quassia which used in this country, especially when The illustrations show Jamaica quassia in transverse and tangential sections will noticed that the medullary rays vary from one row cells two or three rows cells in width.

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In Surinam quassia the medullary rays are rarely wider than one row cells.

This enables distinguish between the two kinds, although from a practical point view there no object in doing as the medicinal value the two the wood Santalum album Santalaceee, imported, bat does not reach the retailer, only used for the preparation volatile oil. Only the sap-wood white and this mba thesis writing service worthless, as contains no oil.

The heart wood varies in color from yellowish brown, and described some authors as San alum citrinutn. Some the darker-colored woods, like guaiac wood, contain bat little coloring matter, that their solutions will not deeply stain fabrics moistened with them. Others, like logwood, contain an abundance coloring matter, that they can used as dyestuffs and, in fact, many the woods which are used as drugs have no medicinal value, their whole commercial importance depending their being dyestuffs. Before the introduction the anilin dyes was necessary for the pharmacist not only acquainted with these dye-woods, but also with the manner using them, with the mordants used, etc. now they are seldom called for in drug stores, although still extensively employed dyers. Deep purplish-red or brownishred shavings, or coarse powder. Santali Wood, Lignum Vibe. The heartwood Guaiacum officinale and sanctum Zygop tylle. West Indies.





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