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As the resins exude they are formed into cell-like structures, mixed with certain excretions and coloring matters from the insects which live in these cells. The best and most custom english essays highly colored lacs inclose the dead insects. The plant pay to write paper from which lac mainly produced Aleurites lacci era Euphorbiacea, but also from other trees belonging the Urticacea. East India and East Indian islands.

Lac occurs in the trade in several forms, that the different varieties must. Stick-lac. The original form in which the drug obtained. After the exudation has been formed as above described, the small branches die the female insects also die after each having deposited ova in its cell the encrusted twigs are gathered before the eggs have developed into insects, as in the latter case the young insects consume the red substance the dead mother insects, thus decreasing the value the lac. Stick lac consists these twigs surrounded the reddish-brown resinous exudation. Seed-lac. In irregular grains and fragments, consisting the lac as above described, but separated from the twigs. Lump-lac. Stick-lac melted into lumps, after having been deprived dissertation for dummies its coloring matter. Shellac.

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Same as the last except that the lac poured help me do my essay out, while melted, large leaves, quickly covered with another leaf and pressed into tbin shelllike tablets or scales. This the variety that mainly used druggists.

Thin, glossy, transparent or translucent yellowish dark-brown fragments or scales brittle and pulverizable odorless and tasteless.

Coloring matter lac dye alpha-resin soluble in alcohol and ether, brown, and melting readily beta-resin, soluble in alcohol but not in ether, hard gamma-resin, melting readily, crystal lizable, uniting readily with bases delta-resin, soft, readily fusible, very soluble alkalies, alcohol and ether and epsilon-resin, insoluble in cold alcohol, ether and alkalies, softens in boiling water, but melts only at higher temperatures and decomposed thereby.

The enumeration these resins made illustrate the method using the Greek letter-names and not because these resins are any special importance. Lac used as a dye the resin, exhausted its coloring matters, used for sealing Br. Amber the ancient electron. A fossil exudation from extinct varieties coniferous trees, especially from Pinites succini Picea succinifera Conifera. It found in soft-coal beds in Prussia, but has been found in other European countries Sweden, England, Holland, thesis development help Germany, Poland, France, Italy and Spain also in Asia, in Siberia, and in North America and Greenland. The important commercial i need help writing a thesis source, however, probably a coalformation under the Baltic Sea, as the amber found washed the waves the southern coast this sea, especially after storms also dug out the sands the beach, where has accumulated in the course ages. Roundish or flat pieces, the outside usually worn and dull mba essay help but capable receiving a high polish, hard, brittle, with dissertation writing software a vitreous conchoidal fracture, colorless paper writers or pale yellow amber-colored reddish-brown, and varying from brilliant transparency through all grades translucency opacity inodorous and tasteless, but gives off fragrant vapors when heated.





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