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Should such a clarification show that Moses and were wrong and such men as Marx and Engels right, then may as well concede defeat at once, for domesticated animals are better served supervised methods conditioning, education dissertation breeding, and restraint, But man more than an animal. Biological processes cannot account for the existence ideals which often defy the very urge for survival.

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If progress in material knowledge were balanced a deepening inner perception, man's divination truth, even though still pitifully immature, would become more objective. Only then would one the greatest dangers humanity lessened, the danger caused the misled idealist The Hydra has many heads, but there only one that counts, the head that represents man's distorted image himself. Of this image Russell Davenport says lie can no more than a material man, because only matter real.. cannot.. an Individual.. He thus emerges as a kind social puppet, deprived individual dignity, exiled from the search for truth, and incompetent choose between good The meaning words changes In the course time. Thus even communism may assume tomorrow a denotation apparently far less ominous than today's. custom writing website Do not already feel complacent about such research paper services cheap Its brands today, as for example Titoism? If political friction should ease in the world, the West, resume writing services prices always eager dismiss disquieting thoughts, may then think statements like Davenport's as outgrowths unsubstantiated fears and hysterical fancies. Yet, let not i need help writing my personal statement deceived the changeability terms! Whatever It may called In the future, the impulse known today as communism will remain a dire dread for humanity, unless It Is fully recognized and combated with all the Ideological means at the disposal free men. Communism draws Its strength from a powerful impulse which tends relieve the Individual the fearful responsibility freedom, and reshape him In the Image an Intellectual animal or a thinking machine.





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