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Borneo, Sumatra, and other East Indian islands.

Occurs in the drug-trade usually in dark, brownish-red, opaque sticks, about. thick and long, wrapped in palm-leaf and tied with thin strips cane, or fibers bast the fracture dull, irregular, and somewhat brighter colored than the external surface. 777 internet casino

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It also occurs in cakes, or irregular lumps, the same general appearance as that in sticks, but apt mixed with impurities. The best variety in tears, varying in size from that a pea that a hazelnut, or even that a walnut usually covered with a red dust from attrition, and gives a deepred mark paper. This variety not often met with.

Odorless and nearly tasteless.

a red acid resin, fatty matter, mineral substances, etc. with occasionally traces benzoic or cinnamic acid? almost completely soluble in alcohol, chloroform, benzol and alkalies.

Mild stimulant, need help with writing a research paper occasionally used in plasters.

Mainly used for making varnishes and lacquers. Similar substances were formerly obtained from Draccena Draco in the Canary islands from Pterocarpus Draco in the West Indies Dracana schizant in the island Socotra from Croton Draco in Mexico, and from other sources, bat only the above described article from the East Indian islands now Guaiac Resin.

A concrete resinous exudation, obtained spontaneously or making incisions in the bark the stem Guaiacum officinale Zygophyllaeea. Or the resin melted out buy a thesis the heart wood this plant means fire, or boiling shavings the wood in salt brine and skimming off the resin as rises the surface.

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West Indies and Northern parts South America.. In roundish or ovate tears. in diameter, covered externally with a greenish dust from attrition, internally transparent, greenish or reddishbrown, breaking with a glossy conchoidal fracture softens the heat the hand, but becomes tough when chewed odor feebly aromatic, reminding vanilla, taste somewhat acrid.

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In irregular i need an essay written for me brittle best essay services masses, formed the agglutination smaller lumps or tears, also generally with a greenish dust the outer surface, with a vitreous fracture, but transparent only at the edges or in thin pieces or splinters otherwise with the characteristics guaiac resin in tears. About impurities, consisting fragments purchase college research paper bark, etc. resin, consisting a small quantity guaiacic acid and several resins alpha-resin, beta-resin, etc. guaiacol, and other constituents. Soluble in alkalies, alcohol, acetone, ether and chloroform the alcoholic solution colored blue the addition oxidizing agents, ozone, ferric chloride, chlorine, chromic acid, etc. Diaphoretic, dissertation review diuretic, alterative, stimulant. Dose. A peculiar resinous substance, consisting resins exuded from various plants in consequeneo the stings from the female insects Coccus Lacca Hetniptera.

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