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And crowds listened gladly again and again the same stories told minstrels and storytellers a custom still alive in the East today.

In certain cultural epochs the mere articulation a divine name aroused in the souls the audience an ecstatic experience such power that its utterance had reserved for sacramental use or specific occasions. The mere invocation a deity aroused feelings awe and devotion, fear, hope, love, or even rebellion none these responses compatible with a trivial interpretation the gods motives or actions. It therefore, possible speak a jealousy, vanity, anger, or personal love without expecting the listener confuse cosmic trends with human passions. What true pagan deities must apply even more the Highest, Him whose very name could not mentioned except. It entirely inconceivable that in ancient times legends concerning Himself were understood in the spirit human psychology. Only today, when intuitive comprehension has all but vanished, has become necessary analyze the legends from an intellectual point view.





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