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The men are, in general, common laborers, and the highest pay they can earn in the northern part the country about nine dollars a week. Oftentimes the women also work essay help introduction in the mills or factories, but more frequently they out working the day. The children come fast, usually as fast as nature will allow, and as the family increases there more demand for food and clothing, but the family income does not increase correspond with the demands upon In fact, more likely decrease, as the woman grows weaker with childbearing and child raising and less able outside work.

And in many families the man patronizes the saloon every night in the week and spends half his earnings As the visiting nurse goes about she sees large families huddled together in little huts, the little children with pinched, starved faces, the older people careworn and prematurely aged.

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They know nothing modern ideas concerning health, and they look askance at the visiting nurse who comes into their community disturb their peace. As she sits and talks the women in a heart-to-heart manner, telling them about the healthfulness fresh air, advising them bathe the children, and instructing them as a diet that shall more wholesome and at the same time thesis guidelines cheaper, she finds but little response they are too tired grasp her meaning and they view her with suspicion, not understanding her presence among them, and half fearing her because she looks like a lady and wears a hat. And, her part, the nurse asks herself in wonder how people who live in the glory sunshine can look stupid and like the dumb beasts the field.

It true that they have fresh air, the lovely babbling brook runs near their little gardens, some the thrifty ones have hens, and through the summer they manage get along.

It in the winter that their time greatest suffering comes.

And here there are no hospitals, no relief stations, no char itable organizations, no settlement workers, no philanthropists with the exception a few hospital workers, no one knows the The poor in this section the country have no way lifting their heads above water.

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They not understand the meaning a bank account, they earn their wages and spend them all. The women cannot sew, nor they understand economy.

Some them acquire the vices drinking and smoking, and in the small how to buy an essay online towns and villages a good many young girls learn walk the streets at a very early age. Clothes are sewed early in the fall, remain all winter, and if the schoolteacher or the visiting nurse suggests a bath and a change clothes for the children there usually a good deal scolding the part the parents. Work among these people a constant struggle with superstition, traditions and fears.

No new-fangled notions for them.

They ncjt fear smallpox as the better educated though an outbreak the disease occurs among them at intervals, and they regard scarlet fever as merely a red rash, and tuberculosis as only a cold. The tuberculosis nurse lies awake at nights thinking and lanning how lift and helj these buying essay unfortunate people. She willing sacrifice much for this cause, but she cannot help feeling that all her sacrifices are in vain, her words like those one crying in the desert. Oftentimes she rebels against existing conditions, only gather herself together again and continue What the cause such conditions? Is the vice the poor? No, for see vice among the wealthy also. Wealth will cover a multitude sins. Vice and poverty together, however, make a straight road destruction and degeneracy. The whole nation feels the consequences, for as truly as the whole body affected top 10 essay writers the disorder a single organ, does the whole community suffer in the suffering one part The results may not felt immediately, but when project ourselves into the future and consider what the new generation will that shall spring from these diseased and drunken parents and these poverty-stricken homes, see the We are gradually awakening the write essay service fact that must take care our tuberculosis patients in order save ourselves, but have not yet come realize that the main cause tuberculosis poverty. Cases among the ignorant poor cannot safely left in their homes their only hope lies in removal institutions where they can taught how live in a hygienic way. We have not as yet got the root all the evil, and only a little can accomplished The tuberculosis-visiting nurse can see that unless the lives the people can improved no great work can accomplished.





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