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If your methods are honest the white light publicity cannot harm, even though things which you would prefer suppressed are sometimes found thesis support the front page.

Do not take such occurrences too seriously. In this world ours events crowd thick and fast and the publication Snubbin newspaper essay on helping help with writing college application essay poor people reprcsentati a olicy that no institution can afford adopt Newspaper workers are, the whole, civilized beings, no better or worse than the rest the world, and amendable reason.

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It worth while take trouble with the reporter, help him get the hospital iewpoint as far as possible. If a reporter ersists in misrepresenting hos ital facts which have been given him, a courteous letter the city editor from the superintendent the hospital or the president the board, asking for some more reIial person detailed report hospital happenings, will usually accomplish the desired result. The intelligent cooperation the city editor a widely read daily paj worth having worth making a There are reasons for every hospital in every community.

There are reasons why additions hospitals should built. There are reasons why there should more hospitals in most communities.

There are reasons why voluntary support hospitals ould increased. There are num erless people in all communities who not understand these reasons, who not appreciate these needs, who not see the hospital reports, or who, if they see them, are not interested enough read them.

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These peol read the newspapers and are influenced them. The hospital which needs extensions, additions, improvements or more financial support can well afford spend time in putting its arguments and facts before the I ublic in convincing form, using both the newspapers and the printed apj eal through the mail, and this insistently not once a year but every few week. Peoi le-who are likely give hosj itals are always busy eople.

The hospital needs and interests are apt crowded out less important demands, unless the hospital takes pains keep its needs definitely and insistently before them.

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Every hospital needs a press agent. Some one connected with the hos ital should appointed attend the publicity end the institution's interests. It may the superintendent, or may some member the board who has time get facts from the hospital and who has the knack putting such facts into definite and It not well depend reporters keep the public posted. The newspaper today expected cover the happenings the world every day.

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