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The mere loss fat probably small moment in itself when the amount daily food sufficient for every-day expenditure, and when the organs are in condition keep the supply fat which require.

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Why there in nearly every one a normal limit its accumulation cannot say. Even in health the weight men, and still more women, no means constant, but, as a rule, when are holding our own with that share stored-up fat which belongs the individual are usually in a condition nutritive prosperity, and when after any strain or trial which has lessened weight are slowly repairing niischief and laying fat are equally in a state health. The loss fat, especially its raj or steady loss, nearly always goes along with conditions which impoverish the blood, and, the other hand, the gain fat a certain point seems hand in hand with a rise in all other essentials health, and notably with an improvement in the color and amount the red corpuscles. The quantity fat which healthy for the individual varies with the sex, the climate, the habits, the season, the time life, the race, and the breed. Quetelet has shown that before puberty the eight the male for equal ages above that the female, but that towards puberty the proportional eight the female, due chiefly gain in fat, in FAT IN ITS CLINICAL RELATIONS. creases, that at twelve the two sexes are alike in this respect.

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During the child-bearing time there an absolute diminution the part the female, but after this time the weight the woman increases and the maximum attained at about the age fifty.

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