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It compared digitalis, but said have no cumulative effect. Fifteen twenty milligrammes have been fatal dogs. In addition the properties mentioned, the powder the herb and root possesses sternutatory Dose.

Of a saturated tincture, ten minims may used three times The bark a Brazilian tree or trees an aromatic odor, and pungent, slightly bitter taste. One variety contains the neutral principle, cotoin, and the other, paracotoin, which, although differing chemically, seem have an equivalent therapeutic value. There are also present a volatile The physiological action coto bark has not been studied. The urine, i need help with writing a paper after its administration, takes a clark-red color with nitric acid. Coto has been successfully used in many cases diarrhoea, need help on thesis statement especially that phthisis, typhoid fever, and other atonic conditions.

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It does not destroy the appetite.

Good results have also been obtained from coto in cases profuse sweating. It may given in the form the tincture essay writing services reviews the officinal strength in doses from eight four hundred minims, fifty centigrammes twenty-five cubic centimeters, per diem. The Dose cotoin from one and a half four grains, ten twenty-five centigrammes, and paracotoin a little larger.

Large doses appear necessary insure success. Paracotoin has been given subcutaneously in a few cases cholera, dissolved in water and glycerine.

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