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Given before a meal, bicarbonate soda tends stimulate the flow gastric juice, and thus facilitate digestion. Dose. Eight thirty grains, one-half two grammes, in water or This recent introduction the quoting and paraphrasing Pharmacopoeia contains more sulphurous acid than the older sulphite, and hence may professional essay help considered a more powerful antiseptic.

It has, however, a more pungent taste, and gives off Dose.

Eight thirty grains, one half two grammes.

Boracic acid feebly counteracts its base that this salt has still an alkaline reaction hence borax has similar effects those other sodium salts.

It stated, when given internal!, have a solvent action the urates second only that carbonate lithia. The contractions the uterus in labor have been supposed promoted and has also been used as an emmenagogue.

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Kecently its use has been advocated in epilepsy as a substitute for bromide potassium, rather, for the next resource after that salt has failed. It chiefly used locally as custom thesis writing services an application in various kinds inflammation in the mouth, tongue, fauces, and nasal passages, as well as for aphthae and masters dissertation writers thrush.

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It can also employed research paper writing help in skin diseases in the form lotion.

In the mouth can applied as a simple wash, in powder with sugar, the classical and officinal honey, or in glycerine.

A lump borax may allowed dissolve in the mouth.

A solution thirty grains the ounce or more, six per cent, and upward, may used externally.


Internally, eight forty-five grains, half a gramme three This salt much less disagreeable the taste than bromide sium, and also produces somewhat less the undesirable effects thw long-continued administration this drug. While undoubtedly true that in animals the toxic effects the sodium are much inferior those the potassium salt, clinical writing a dissertation evidence seems show that both the unpleasant results known collectively as bromism and the therapeutic action can reflective essay help produced the bromide sodium, and, while cannot regarded as equally active with bromide potassium, may used in cases where the long-continued use a bromide demanded, as in epilepsy. Dose. From fifteen sixty grains, one four grammes, as a single dose, which repeated at intervals, depending upon the nature the case. It has been given for some days at the rate an ounce a day, though this considered a very large dose, and one carefully watched. It given in solution. The carbonate sodium used only for pharmaceutical purposes. The dried carbonate more irritating than the bicarbonate, and when taken internally, in large doses, produces gastro-intestinal inflammation, and, help in writing thesis after a time, alkaline cachexia. It more active than the bicarbonate when used externally, and may employed make an alkaline bath or lotion for diseases the skin. A lotion may made the strength from ten twenty grains the ounce, two four per cent.





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