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The illustration shows three slices, natural size, and European Arum, from Arum maculatum similar A bulb a form stem resembling the corm as its solid part, but the bulk consists thick or fleshy leaf-scales surrounding the buds which are found at the apex growth within. These leafy envelopes may narrow and arranged like shingles a roof, overlapping each other scaly bulb or they are wide and each one wrapped more or less nearly completely around all the others within tunicated or coated bulb the latter arrangement seen in the onion, and the arrangement found in all medicinal bulbs. Bulbs may grouped, for purposes pharmacognosy, as whole bulbs and as help write my paper sliced bulbs. Only one bulb always comes into trade whole Garlic.

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The most important bulb from a medicinal point view Squill, and this can sometimes had fresh and whole, especially from florists for cultivation as a pot-plant, but in the drug trade this drug usually comes sliced and dried, and therefore belongs in the next group. The onion sometimes mentioned in works pharmacognosy, but seldom used medicinally. Large, juicy, cover letter writing services australia greenish or pinkish white bulbs, the external scales, when present pinkishbrown Sollla.

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White bulbs, with stem, coated with a few dry, membranous, white scales enclosing about Id some pharmacopeias the fresn bul demanded as the drag. It a largo, pear-shaped, tnnicated bnlb, resembling a large onion in appearance, bat without tbe odor long and broad the external scales are pinkish-brown, the inner scales are greenish or pinkish white, juicy and translucent.

The whole bulb rarely found in the drug trade in our country and the reader will find this drug described in the next group.

N. Garlic. The fresh bulb Allium sativum Liliacea. Cultivated everywhere.

The illus tration shows the bulb in natural size, stems are usually long can tied in bundles and hang i place, in which manner they can kept fresh through the year.

The middle figure shows the stem with its dry corm-like disk and with one its bulblets attached. On this disk there are about eight bulblets called cloves garlic, arranged as in the left-Hand figure, and surrounded with a few membranous scales which extend around the stem above. When wanted for use the scales and stem are rejected and content writing services company only the cloves are used.

Garlic has a peculiarly pungent, penetrating and persistent odor, resembling asafoetida, and a pungent acrid taste. Volatile oil. Carminative and stomachic wholesome and appetizing coursework writing help and used as an essay writing company ingredient in most table sauces. Used in larger quantities objectionable account the odor imparts the breath and the flatulence produces. Dose About N. Squill. The bulb Scilla fnaritima Liliacece.





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