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rhizome curved or contorted, five Cm. legitimate us online casino

long and two three thick, usually crowned with a tuft leaf color the rhizome dark brown externally, with whitish bark and yellowish wood within, top resume writing services and with a large whitish pith in the inner layer the hark, surrounding the cambium, there a circle large resin-ducts and a similar circle resinducts occurs in the rootlets the odor peculiar, aromatic, and the taste acrid, aromatic and somewhat bitter. The illustration ahowa the rhizome in natural size, sections the rhizome in natural size and enlarged in the upper part and a section a rootlet in the lower part the drawing. Resins, volatile oil, etc. Stimulant and vulnerary.

Dose. crams. Valerian. The rhizome and rootlets Valeriana officinalis Valerianae. Europe and North Asia cultivated in New England, especially in Vermont.

The rhizome short, thick, upright, two four long, and one two thick, crowded with stem and leaf remnants, dark brown externally, brownish or grayish-brown, top 5 essay writing services and some what horny within beset with numerous deeplywrinkled, brownish rootlets, five long and about two thick, which are often twisted or sometimes braided into a conical or tapering compact cluster the parenchyma cells the bark and pith contain mainly starch, but some them contain oil in the bark and in the medullary rays are also larger oil-cells or glands, bat in the sections from which the cell-contents have been removed these oil-cells are not readily distinguished from the starch-cells, and the drug therefore also enumerated in the next group the odor peculiar, exerting aphrodisiac effects cats, and the taste bitterish camphoraceoas. Volatile oil, valerianic acid, etc. Stimulant, nervine, antispasmodic.

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Dose One five grams. A smaller writers needed variety this drug which grows in dry mountainous regions considered best a larger variety, which grows in moist lowlands, often cut into longitudinal halves, the inner surface then appearing concave drying this considered thin horizontal rhizome, one two long and two thick, curved, with the upper aide closely beset with short stem-remnants and the under aide with many pale-brown, brittle rootlets, five ten long and less than one thick externally pale-brown and whitish within fracture abrupt, smooth, showing excentric wood with small pith the fundamental tissue consists parenchyma containing starch and in the bark are writing an essay proposal large oil-cells, but these cells are not sufficiently different from the adjoining starch-cells readily recognized when the sections have been cleared removal cell-contents, and this drug therefore also mentioned paraphrasing sentences in the next group the odor reminds a mixture camphor and turpentine and the taste bitterish camphoraceous.

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Aristolochine, volatile oil, etc.

Stimulant, useful in typhoid conditions.


grams. The illustrations show the rhizome, whole and longitudinal section, after soaking in water, and the transverse sections rhizome above and a rootlet The rootlets reticulata are said coarser, longer and less interlaced than those serpentaria. Spigelia resembles Serpen taria, but nearly black and has circular stem-scars instead stemremnants. Other admixtures are readily excluded The drugs this group resemble those the last group, except that they have no latex, oil or resin Short, thick, upright rhizome with many rootlets with characteristic odor Valeriana. many rootlets lower side.. Serpentaria. Small, thin, knotty rhizomes, with Irregular, knotty, brownish-black which have radiating bundles cimlciftiga.

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