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tok essay help Sponge. The fibrous skeleton Spongia officinalis Class Spongia order Ceratosa family Spongidce. The marketed varieties are from the Med iter rauean Sea and from the Bahama Islands and the northern coast Cuba, bat they grow all over the tropical and subtropical parts the world.

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The best are the Turkey or Levant sponges from Euspongia officinalis which are soft, velvety, and usually cup-shaped. Bahama sponges or horse sponges from Hipposponffia equina, are coarser, although the best varieties, lamb's wool and velvet, are but little inferior the Turkey Sand, gravel and calcareous concretions, corals, sheila, etc.

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must washing, or macerating In very dilate hydrochloric acid. Bleached sponges axe usually Injured the bleaching agents employed, such as chlorinated soda, chlorinated ghostwriters for hire lime, I chlorine water or sulphurous acid. N. Cuttle-fish Bone. A calcareous body situated under the skin and constituting the Internal skeleton Sipia OjJlctnalU Mollutea class Cephalopoda order Dibranchtatae. the Mediterranean Sea. Oblongovate pieces, long. T.





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