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The Alphabetical Classification best adapted for works reference and used in the Pharmacopoeia and in the various commentaries, as in the Companion and the Dispxnsatorirs.

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The system has no scientific merit, but the best and only one adapted for convenience and rapidity Botanical Classifications are interest because they group drugs according their family affinities, all the drugs derived from any one class plants being enumerated together. While this system has some value in an abstract scientific sense little or no practical value the pharmacist or physician, as botanical affinities not argue therapeutical affinities or pharmaceutical similarities. For Instance the Bubiaeem furnish both cinchona and ipecac the Leguminosm yield a heterogeneous jumble drugs dissimilar In physical writing an essay help nature as well as in medicinal activities, as gum arable, senna, catechu, balsam tolu, logwood, Calabar bean, cassia fistula, red saunders, licorice root, broom, tamarind and balsam peru, representing the therapeutical groups lenitives, laxatives, astringents, cathartics, blenorrhetics, narcotics, and coloring agents, and the physical gronps gams, extracts, balsams, raits, roots, wood, leaves and flowering tops from the Umbelliferoe derive anise, asatotida, and conlum, etc This whole subject such subordinate value the pharmacist, that students are advised not devote much time trying memorize the classes plants from which the various drugs legit essay writing services are derived, this must done at the expense practical and more important subjects study.

The Pharmacographia classifies the natural orders plants according a natural system, while in some works drugs based botanical classification the orders plants are arranged alphabetically.

If the animal drugs were more importance, might justified in adding a Zoological Classification the extent that these drugs are spoken such a classification in use, but course very inferior importance and Chemical Classifications, more or less comprehensive, are used for special purposes, as for instance in pharmacy when the drugs are arranged in groups according their constituents, with reference the menstrua that are needed exhaust them in making tinctures, fluid extracts, etc.

Physiological Classifications are based the actions medicines as determined experiments lower animals or healthy human beings. While the action as thus determined not always the same or even similar the action the same drug when administered a sick person, the facts found physiological researches and experiments explain the manner the action medicines and suggest the rational and more scientific use the remedies.

Therapeutical Classifications are based the actions medicines in disease. The knowledge the action remedies has been obtained in the past, largely accident or empiricism, and mauy absurdities were believed until modern systematic physiological research placed the study thera peutlcs a more rational basis. Still, even now, the mode action many remedies and the valuable results obtained the administration these medicines the sick, are but imperfectly or not at all understood, and the administration help with writing these drags and their preparations continues based the accumnlated empirical experiences the past and present. But while a therapeutical classification not as strictly scientific as some the others, great value the physician, and very valuable for the purpose the therapeutist, and some therapeutical system classification medicines should studied every pharmacist as well. There are very many different systems this kind, almost every author therapeutics having modified previous systems suit his own theories. Perhaps the most valuable system classification for the physician One based the Combined Physiological and Therapeutical consideration medicines.

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In other words, a careful study the empirical knowledge and experience the ages the light modern scientific methods, gives the best and most practical systems classification A system this kind, practically based Headland's work the action drugs, presented for study a little We have learned that Pharmacognosy the knowledge drugs and essay editing software that It teaches how identify drugs and how determine their quality. The systems classifications already mentioned are little or no assistance for this pur pose and another method must adopted. Physical Characteristics are made the basis a system classification whose introduction raised Pharmacognosy a methodical and accurate science.

When see a drug that not known examine carefully find what suppose a root this determination at once eliminates from the consideration what possibly can all the drugs that are not roots and narrows a choice among a comparatively small number drugs. This Is what the physician would call diagnosis exclusion. We make a transverse section the drug and examine the smooth report writing service cut surface with a lens, or may make a microscopical section and examine that, determine whether a mono-cotyledonous or dl-cotyledonous root. If one the latter, determine next whether a fleshy or woody root, and if the latter, whether has a thick or thin bark if either a woody root with a thick bark, or a fleshy root, look for oil, resin or latex ducts, because subdivide into groups with or without such ducts. Now have probably reduced the number drugs which the one under examination can a half dozen or less, and can soon determine which one this small number really thesis advice Or if And the drug a leaf or flower, a bark or wood, or anything else, proceed in a similar manner, narrow the choice a very few names, from which easy This what meant a system Pharmacognosy based Innumerable systems therapeutical classification have been proposed impossible devise a system any kind classification which shall open no objection see a weak place in one system and attempt better only find that necessitates changes elsewhere that are more objectionable than the faults attempted correct. The best system, therefore, remains a compromise, and differs from other systems mainly because one author places more stress one feature the subject, another author more some other feature. The following therapeutical best place to buy a research paper system classifications given merely for the purpose giving a general idea the subject, and not because better than dozens others, any one which might have been used as well as an illustration In studying the individual drugs not limit ourselves a consideration pharmacognosy custom essays cheap alone bat study several other things about them. By adopting a method will less apt overlook or forget facts importance, and a plan similar the following usually adopted Hame.





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