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We pride ourselves our respect and tolerance for other people's faith. Yet these qualities no doubt excellent in themselves have brought the masses into closer contact with the highly contradictory theological conceptions various civilizations.

And which these conceptions are right? Or are so-called revelations no more than shadow pictures unfulfilled longing? Such doubts, undermining the religious convictions our age, have strongly influenced the present philosophy education. John Dewey, referring religions, wrote The differences among them are great and shocking that any common element that can extracted meaningless. An european philosopher has thus opened a split between religions and scientific convictions, a split cannot bridge merely denouncing the untoward results progressive pedagogy.

But may gain some useful clues from a short excursion into the history human consciousness. The attitude paraphrasing paragraph the pagan world toward the then even larger multitude creeds was quite different from ours.

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i need someone to write my paper for me essay helper Without necessarily being tolerant, the enlightened priest the preMedical era was not perturbed the apparent conflicts in theological conceptions. To him different creeds merely indicated racial, national, or tribal predilections for various aspects divinity.

Did not research paper writing services in india the traditional legends and myths different cultures bear a surprising similarity one another, pointing preindividual eras, when revelations had been a more universal character? For there were such messages wherever the light streamed through the pure, untainted soul windows great seers and prophets. As evolution moved toward the heightening individual characteristics, those visions became more and more colored the personality their recipients.

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Consequently, revelations were still radiant but already broken down into various colors and shades, attracting some ethnological groups and repelling others. Yet no pagan considered foreign deities as mere illusions. Not until late in history did individualism become powerful a force as blind even leading personalities the true nature religious perception.

Had the medieval seers been aware the unconscious influence their own egos had their spiritual experiences, persecution and bloody religious wars for the protection help me write a report the pure word might have been avoided. When the individuality became strong that the windows man's heart lost their transparency and revelations disappeared almost entirely, all existing creeds were frozen into well-nigh unchangeable doctrines. They still inspire the souls millions but not fully satisfy the minds even a few.

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For all that lives in motion, and what was right for yesterday cannot possibly right for today, unless has kept pace with evolution. It not absolute where can i buy research papers online truth that grows and coursework research changes, but its reflection in the changing needs evolution. Creeds all over the world have recognized that truth does not look the same at all times and all kinds peoples. Medicality acknowledged thesis proposals the truth the Old Testament, Judaism do my college paper for me added the wisdom its medieval scholars its old i need someone to write my assignment traditions, Buddhism accepted essential parts Hinduism, and Only with the beginning our own intellectual period did medieval concepts become rigidly confined within the structures our The psychological conflicts arising from this fact are obvious all, but the remedies applied are where to buy research paper inadequate. They consist chiefly two extreme attitudes taken various religious authorities. One the truly modern trend passing lightly over uncomfortable doctrines. Its policy that, while tradition too sacred tampered with, must not allowed confuse the seeking soul. What actually matters an honest, charitable life, and belief religious convictions beyond these are considered mere crutches for those who have remained childlike in their thinking.





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