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The moral uses enforced rest are readily estimated.

From a restless life irregular hours, and probably i need help with a paper endless drugging, from hurtful sympathy and over-zealous care, the patient passes an atmosphere quiet, order and control, the system and care a thorough nurse, an absence drugs, and simple diet. The result always at first, whatever may afterwards, a sense relief, and a remarkable and often a quite abrupt disappearance many the nervous symptoms with which are all only too sadly familiar. All the moral uses rest and isolation and change habits are not obtained merely insisting the physical conditions needed eifect these ends. If the physician has the force character required secure the confidence and respect his patients has also much more in his power, and should have the tact seize the proper occasions direct the thoughts his patients the lapse from duties others, and the selfishness writing assignments service which a life invalidism apt bring about.

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Such moral medication belongs the higher sphere the doctor's duties, and if means cure his patient permanently, cannot afford neglect them. Above all, let him careful that the masseuse and the nurse not talk the patient's ills, and let him degrees teach the sick person how very essential speak her aches and pains no one but himself. I have often asked myself why rest value in the cases which I now speaking, help in assignment writing and I have already alluded briefly some the modes in which Let take first the simpler cases. We meet now and then with feeble people who are dyspeptic, and who find that exercise after a meal, or indeed much exercise any day, sure cause loss power or lessened power digest food. The same thing seen in an extreme degree in the well-known experiment causing a dog run violently after eating, in which case digestion entirely suspended. Whether these results due the calling off blood from the gastric organs the muscles, or whether the nervous system for some reason, unable evolve at the same time the force needed for a double purpose, not quite clear, but the fact undoubted, and finds added illustrations in many the class exhausted women.

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It plain that this trouble exists in some them. It likely that custom writing cheap present in a larger number. The use rest in these people admits no question. If are give them the means in blood and flesh carrying the work life, must done with the aid the stomach, and must humor that organ until able act in a more healthy manner under The muscular system in many such patients I mean in ever weary, thin, and thin-blooded persons doing its wqrk with constant difficulty. As a result, fatigue comes early, extreme, and lasts long.

The demand for nutritive aid ahead the supply, and before the tissues are rebuilded umi dissertation express a new demand made, that the materials cheapest essay writing services disintegration accumulate, and this the more easily because the eliminative organs share in the general defects. And these are some the reasons why ansemic people are always tired but, besides this, all real sensations are magnified women whose nervous systems have become sensitive owing a life attention their ailments, and at last becomes hard separate the true from the false, and are thus led too skeptical as the presence real causes annoyance. Certain that rest, under proper conditions, found such sufferers personal statement writing services uk a great relief but rest alone will not answer, and needful, as I shall show, bring our help certain other means, in order secure all the good which repose In dealing with this, as with every other medical means, well recall that in our attempts help may sometimes harm, and must make sure that in causing the largest share good The one goes with the other, as shadow with light, and no therapeutic measure does this apply more surely than Let take the simplest case, that which arises daily in the treatment joint-troubles or broken bones. We put the limb in splints, and thus, for a time, check its power move.

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The bone knits, or the joint gets well but the dissertation writing service uk muscles waste, the skin dries, the nails may for a time cease grow, nutrition brought down, as an arithmetician would say, its lowest terms, and when the bone or joint well have a limb which in a state disease. As concerns broken bones, the evil may slight and easy relief, if the surgeon will but remember that when joints are put at rest too long they soon fall a prey a form arthritis, which the more apt severe the older the patient and may easily avoided frequent motion the joints, which, healthful, exact a certain share daily movement. If, indeed, with perfect stillness the fragments could have the full life a limb writing websites in action, I suspect that the cure the break might far more What true the part true the whole. When put the entire body at rest create certain evils while doing need a research paper done some share good, and therefore our part use such means as shall, in every case, lessen and limit the ills cannot wholly avoid. How reach these ends I shall and state, but for a brief space I should like dwell some the bad results buy college papers online which come our efforts reach through rest in bed all the good which can give and these points I ask the most thoughtful attention, because upon the care with which meet and provide for them depends the value which will get out this When put patients in bed and forbid them rise or make use their muscles, at once lessen appetite, weaken digestion in many cases, constipate the bowels, and enfeeble circulation.





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