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I convinced that there are universal currents Divine Thought..

and that anyone who can feel those vibrations inspired, provided conscious the process and possesses the knowledge and skill present them.. composer, architect, painter, sculptor, or inventor. Can really deny that man possesses an inner organism which perceives the physically imperceptible, just because cannot found in autopsies? If shall have deny our own consciousness as well, since too will elude the microscopes and test tubes pathologists.

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Naturally, there Is no reason assume that faculties inner perception are the sole property the highly artistic. Even a noncreative person who truly loves and appreciates music hears more in a symphony than mere sound. But, disuse, this inner ability may become dormant or entirely atrophied, as physical vision may lost during a long confinement a dark cell. This exactly what taking place in our time. Not only religion, but such ideas as freedom, brotherhood, and truth are becoming abstractions, respected shadows realities can no longer behold and therefore not really comprehend. Small wonder then that the foes freedom and truth dare call slavery freedom and dialectical materialism truth. We said earlier that an observer outer events the more trustworthy essay service cheap the keener his senses are. But all know that even a man who starts as a poor observer may trained become very reliable in his perceptions and interpretations outer events.

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Here again find a similarity between sensual and intuitive english creative writing homework help experience which may shed light some our problems.

An artistic person bom with keen organs intuitive perception, while the average man may entirely lacking in them. But, if the latter will diligently expose himself the dissertation services influence great art, can gradually cultivate an inner sense capable discerning the inexplicable difference between the work a genius and the often very pleasing products mediocrity.

Thus, capacity for intuitive perception can developed recognize inner realities, as our sense organs can trained become dependable messengers outer events. Art, however, neither the sole nor the highest form intuitive experience.

By their tremendous influence the moral evolution the world, the prophets and saints who founded the great religious movements have proved the existence realities surpassing all other known values. buy english research papers These men were endowed with a clarity and an acuteness inner perception far beyond the faculties ordinary men. At a time when Intuition was more powerful, and considered more weight than buying papers for college the help write a thesis statement observation and analysis outer facts, relatively great numbers people were able confirm the important experiences religious leaders lesser experiences their own. Contemporary literature and the records early Medicality contain sufficient proof this. But when the focus man's consciousness shifted outward, his intuitive life became neglected, and in consequence religion disappeared as an experience. Transplanted from its native soil intuition the alien ground intellectualism, soon began lose its vitality, and could cast but a shadow its This was not the case in the youth Medicality. At that time the light religious experience was still shining brightly that outshone the light the senses. To the early Medical, personal property, power, and ambition seemed unimportant, compared the realities experienced within.





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