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Opium, Thebaicum. The concrete, milky exudation obtained incising the capsules Papaver sotnniferutn Papaveraccce. Weetern Asia cultivated.

The milky juice which exudes when incisions are made in the poppy capsules, becomes concrete and turns brown in color gathered and formed into lumps, which are wrapped in poppy leaves and packed with rumex-capsules. homework help with essays Opium in subglobular lumps or cakes, irregularly angular from mutual compression, being packed while still somewhat moist the leaves and sometimes rumex-capsules adhere the outer surface varying in color from chestnut-brown dark-brown and in consistence from quite dry and rigid semiplastic, according the amount moisture retained granular in fracture, and mixed with shreds the epidermis the capsules odor heavy narcotic and taste nauseous bitter. The most important constituent morphine, which opium in its usual moist condition should contain not less than when dried and powdered, opium should contain from morphine, and the average this, or about, may obtained mixing opium higher assay with a proper quantity opium lower assay. In addition morphine, opium contains about narcotine. codeine, and about other, unimportant, alkaloids. Narcotic, anodyne, antrspasmodic, hypnotic used also check discbarges from the bowels.

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