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In the light ancient consciousness decay and destruction were as essential for evolution as were healing and creation.

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Consequently, a worshiper Baal offering human sacrifices could feel just as righteous and devout as a disciple Even in the history the Jews which, from the beginning, took a unique course, morality writers essays was a matter obedience rather than Individual choice.

Thus never occurred Abraham that the sacrifice his own son, demanded Yahweh, could immoral. The remarkable fact that the has nothing but praise for Abraham's readiness bring a human sacrifice, should bring home that what may now seem outrageous might have had its proper place In other states evolution.

On the surface, the pagan enjoyed a greater degree reli gious freedom than the ancient Jew. In case need could pick from many gods the one considered most Influential and offer him his services and gifts.

This, write my paper co however, had little with religion.

Where sincere and profound help me write my essay custom thesis papers devotion existed, the pagan had no more religious freedom than had the ancient Jew. For, once had become fully initiated Into a specific cult, its rituals created Inner experiences compelling as leave him little if any moral choice.

Residues such compulsory experiences are still alive In the trance worship Asian and African tribes as well as In the Dervish rituals Islam. Jung refers the difference between ancient and modern religious freedom when write my college paper for me says Religion.. Is a dynamic existence or effect, customized writing paper not caused an arbitrary act will. On the contrary, seizes help to write a thesis statement and controls the human subject, which Is always rather Its victim than its creator. And later I want make clear that the term religion I not mean a creed..

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Creeds are codified and dogmatized forms original religious experience In other words, modem man, exchanging religion for creed has won freedom Recorded top essay writing service history actually the story that emancipation which has led man through all the phases spiritual life, from ancient dependence the divine today's dependence matter.

While modem man and there were some modem men at all times college essay writing service reviews does not even know if there anything beyond nature, the ancient prophet or seer was a helpless tool the supernatural.

Between these extremes, eras existed when man experienced himself balanced between the ecstasy spiritual and the loneliness material dependence, and these eras are known as the classical periods history. In them, seeds were planted for the development that element which writing services canada stands between Spirit and Nature, the element human selfhood. Best known Is the Classical Age Greece when, in a few individuals at least, there existed a state balance between intuition and intellect, between temple mystery and natural science, between inner and outer essay editing services life. The great personalities that era still acknowledged the superhuman powers which dominated the mysteries birth and death, and the Innumer able enigmas nature. But they also felt in their own souls a growing strength, an ability resist the compelling power the gods still holding sway in the ecstatic rituals the sibyls and oracles. The gods were beyond good and evil consequently, the stronger devoured or enslaved the weaker. But within the confines human selfhood a light began glow, a moral principle new that the Greeks had find a word for syneidesis. conscience. We encounter for the first time In Euripides when Medea speaks Jason thus I cannot longer rule, or that fresh decrees are now in vogue amongst mankind, for thy conscience must tell thee that thou hast not A profound change had occurred In the history human consciousness.





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