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It true that the sources modem skepticism and philosophical defeatism can traced far back in history, even the fifth and fourth centuries, but they must not sought in the systems the great masters philosophy. Trends this kind were usually born in schools not too much concerned with the search for truth, but devoted ulterior dissertation title motives such as the Sophists desire train young people for fast and In his search for truth, ancient man did not have the problems our day.

Although may deem his intellectual dissertation writers in london outlook life less advanced than ours, must remember that at least knew his spiritual origin divine rather than biological. This knowledge has faded from consciousness during the course history.

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Modern man, while discovering the secrets his own physical organism as well as that the world has almost lost himself.

Today has awakened his plight and all the conceit and self-assurance the last century How can rediscover himself without losing the fruits intellectual evolution? By starting his search at the only solid base available him at his own nature as manifests itself in the routine conduct ordinary life.

What are the basic principles book writing help which life carried on? One an unquestioning belief in the existence physical realities.

The food eat and the money earn are real as are our physical gains and deprivations.

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Any form philosophic speculation denying the reality-inprinciple any these three points psychological orientation does not understand earthly man as and acts, but refers a being an abnormal mentality.

Such speculations, influencing modern thought habits, undermine even further the already badly shaken balance the human mind.

Let consider a few examples that conflict between the demands daily life and the powerful philosophic undercurrents which influence our thinking. We all agree that our time calls for the development strong, self-assured individualities people who can judge and act for themselves, as well as defend themselves against mental and moral hazards.

In a time when mental illnesses have reached an unprecedented peak, when the disintegration personality, obsessions, amnesia, and unmotivated, compulsive acts have become daily occurrences, man's discovery himself as an individual spiritual entity should more than ever the goal mental hygiene and education. Here, indeed, lies the only protection against the mental buying a term paper and moral dissolution brought home day after day in the never-ending reports crimes, increasing alcoholism, and drug addiction. Yet custom written dissertations our present educational system, challenged as an ominous increase in juvenile delinquency and youthful schizophrenia, help on research papers inclined undermine rather than strengthen the human self. It still holds, if no longer the methods, at least the ideology a system which has unwittingly undermined the very foundation for spiritual self-affirmation. 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