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It absorbed from who can write my essay for me the stomach and rectum, and in small quantity from the skin in a cold bath.

It eliminated unchanged, chiefly the urine.

Small doses the bromide, even several times repeated, give rise no very marked effects, except sometimes a little quietude, diminution restlessness, and if the patient perfectly quiet and undisturbed, a slight inclination sleep.

There no effect upon the pulse, except that which goes with rest.

Upon the pupils or upon the secretions, none, except perhaps a little diuresis. Larger doses, fifteen ninety grains, one six grammes, produce, according the susceptibility the person, a more can i buy a thesis or less decidedly quieting effect, and sleep more sound and less liable disturbed noises or trifling interruptions. A person sleeping under the influence a full therapeutic dose can, however, roused without difficulty.

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A not unpleasant prickling or tingling sensation over the whole body, about half an hour after the dose, has often been experienced the author.

There are no unpleasant sensations or depression awaking, but usually a copious flow urine.

Acute fatal poisoning from the bromide alone unknown.

In an unpublished case communicated the author, four ounces bromide, taken within forty-eight hours, was followed profound comatose sleep, and marked cutaneous anaesthesia, and inability swallow, lasting for fourteen days. The pulse was at first about, and strong, but afterward became feeble. The respiration vas also feeble. After some days large quantities mucus collected in the fauces.

The most decided effects are those which follow a continued dose.

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Among them are acne, diminished reflex sensibility the fauces, and the genito-urinary organs a slow and feeble need help writing a college essay pulse, aphonia, nauseous breath, congestion the fauces, a hoarse cough, tottering gait, with a feeling gret weakness trying walk loss mental activity, blog writing service though this rather a want desire than ability think, and, finally, some hallucinations, and mildly maniacal attacks. Death not certainly known have occurred from bromide potassium alone. Attention has been called the great similarity which may exist between chronic bromism and the general paralysis the insane, and the possibility bromism obscuring and complicating the symptoms cerebral disease in such a way as lead an unduly serious prognosis. Besides acne, an ecthyma-like eruption and cutaneous ulcers very difficult heal long as the bromide continued, may make their appearance. The administration Fowler's solution or tincture cinchona said diminish the liability these troublesome eruptions. This bromide undoubtedly a general nervo-muscular sedative, with a peculiar website writes essays for you affinity for the reflex-motor and cerebral centres. The theory homework help research paper has been held that its action largely due its contracting the smaller blood-vessels, thus rendering the tissues anaemic and unable perform their functions. It much more probable that the anaemia the result than the cause functional inactivity. It has also been suggested that bromide potassium produces its effects solely as a potash salt, and that all its symptoms are explained the depressing action which all potassa salts in very large doses exert upon the heart. It possible that the potassium does have an effect upon the heart when the salt given in. 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