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Pharmacognosy teaches how identify drugs and how Drugs are either animal or vegetable origin. A study animal drugs requires some knowledge zotilogy, but as the animal drugs are subordinate value or importance, zoology need not studied any great extent. Vegetable drugs are vastly greater importance and therefore a Botany absolutely necessary an understanding pharmacognosy. The pharmacognocist must able recognize the part plant which constitutes essay writing service cheap the drug, and must not only familiar with its coarse but also with its microscopical structure, and essay writing service discount the value a study microscopy for the pharmacognocist cannot exaggerated in fact, pharmacognosy in the modern sense an impossibility without a knowledge microscopical technology and the cellular constitution plants, or structural Pharmacy the science, paper writing company art and business preparing, compounding and dispensing medicines.

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Pharmacists constitute a learned profession because they must study a wide scope sciences or studies in order qualify themselves for their calling pharmacy as a profession not inferior medicine, and the medieval arrogant conceit a pharmacist being hande-mayden, or cooke physician ceased have sense or meaning centuries ago.

The tendency modern times specialization, and the pharmacist a specialist in the medical profession In the same sense as the surgeon, the oculist, the gynecologist or any other specialist the specialist not superior, neither inferior, the general practitioner, but they all belong the same profession, with equal honors, each working in his particular sphere, doing his special work for the amelioration and cure pain and sickness. Pharmacy an art because theoretical knowledge alone will not make a man a good pharmacist bat must have acquired the necessary manipulative skill in laboratory work and in dispensing.

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We have therefore a branch theoretical pharmacy or the Principles Pharmacy, and another Practical Pharmacy or Pharmaceutical Laboratory Work. Pharmacy in its dealings with the public a business, subject the commercial laws that govern and control business in all other directions. Business tact and talent are therefore as necessary as theoretical and practical professional write my essay website training, Insure success.

Pharmaco Dynamics treats the actions or effects remedies, the power or force or influeuce all remedial measures.

General pharmaco dynamics treats tbe action groups medicines, as for instance cathartics, antiperlodkcs, tonics, etc. while special pharmacodynamics. treats the actions individual medicines, and enables choose the particular one remedy or combination remedies that. seems most appropriate in any given case.

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are merely specialized branches Therapeutics, the Art Curing or Healing. The pharmacist, then, must thoroughly study Chemistry, theoretical and practical, Botany structural and microscopical, Microscopy, Pharmacy and Pharmacognosy, and moderately thoroughly also Pharmaco-Dynamics, including Posoiogy, or the doses medicines, and in addition should acquire rather more than a mere superficial knowl edge Anatomy, Phy Biology and Pathology In other words, the educated, thoroughly write my dissertation for me qualified pharmacist must a In the prosecution any study absolutely necessary adopt some system. A haphazard random memorizing Isolated facts little value because the facts are not utllizable unless their relation each other fully understood. Therefore, in order study drugs and medicines must adopt some method classification. We may adopt any the following methods, or in fact, adopt several for different. Natural orders according natural system. Physiological and peuti cal Combined. 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