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She undertakes the hard task nursing a relative, and goes through this severe duty with the addition emotional excitement, swayed hopes and fears, and forgetful self and what every one needs in the way air and food and change when attempting this most trying task or possibly mere physical strain, such as teaching. In another set cases an illness the cause, and she never rallies entirely, where to buy term paper or else some local uterine trouble starts the mischief, and although this cured the doctor wonders that his patient does not get fat and ruddy again. But no matter how comes about, the woman grows pale and thin, eats little, or if she eats does not profit Everything wearies her, sew, write, read, walk, and and the sofa or the bed her only comfort.

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By slow but sure degrees the healthy life absorbed the sick life, in a manner more or less injurious both, until, sometimes too late for remedy, the growth the evil seen others. Usually the person withdrawn from wholesome duties minister the caprices hysterical sensitiveness the person a household who feels most for the invalid, and who for this very reason suffers the most. The patient has pain, a tender spine, for example she urged give rest. She cannot read the self-constituted nurse reads her. At last light hurts her eyes the mother remains shut with her all day in a darkened room. A draught air supposed harm, and the doors and windows are closed, and the ingenuity kindness taxed imagine new sources like trouble, until at last the window-cracks are stuffed with cotton, the chimney stopped, and even the keyhole guarded. 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