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Caustic potassa essay edit used for some surgical and gynaecological purposes where desired break down morbid or cicatricial tissue, or occasionally for opening an abscess or bubo where there danger hemorrhage.

Its uses are, however, very limited. Dissolved in water may used make solutions a strength greater than that the Liquor potassse, if such are desired, for'external application. Its action should carefully guarded placing around the part attacked cotton soaked in vinegar or a piece sticking-plaster. write my paper one day For any internal use a solution may prescribed, although the Liquor far stronger than could possibly given undiluted, and, in fact, there are few purposes for which such a solution could advantageously employed.

Crude potassse or lye accidentally swallowed may cause irritant poisoning and death. The antidote a weak acid, as acetic or tartaric. This merely a dilution the preceding preparation, for external use.

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The powder may made into a paste with a little alcohol, and applied with the same precautions as in the case potassa. This odoriferous drug seldom used internally in any the large number custom research paper writing services diseases for which was once recommended.

It might have, perhaps, the same effect upon suppuration help writing dissertation as the sulphurated lime, but has not been thus used.

It has been employed externally, in skin diseases and mucous discharges, in the form ointment or lotion.

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