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The general result exercise in No such obvious and visible results are seen as observe after massage, but the thermal changes are much more constant and remarkable, and show at how do i write a thesis least that are not dealing with an agent which merely amuses the patient or acts alone through some mysterious influence the mental status. A half-hour treatment the muscles commonly gives rise a marked elevation temperature, which fades away within an hour or two.

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This effect like that from massage, most notable in persons liable fever from some organic trouble, and varies as its degree in individuals who have The first case, an example tubercular disease the apex the right lung.

She had a morning temperature and an evening temperature Electricity was used about o'clock daily, with, the next case, was merely a rather ansemic, feeble, and thesis writing service uk thin woman, who for years had not been able endure any prolonged effort. She got well under the general treatment, gaining thirteen pounds a weight ninety-eight pounds, her height being five paraphrasing sites feet and one inch.

The facts as rise temperature are most remarkable, and I need not say were carefully observed, the observations Temperature taken in the mouth while at rest in bed.

The third case, was that a pallid woman, the daughter a well-known physician. She suffered for six years with nervous exhaustion, headaches, pain in the back, intense depression spirits, nausea, and repeated attacks hysteria.

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She slept only under anodynes, and used stimulants freely. Under the use rest and the adjuvant treatment described.

made a thor ough recovery, dissertation consulting fees and was restored useful, active Miss Thermometer held in mouth five minutes before and after treatment.

Before Electricity.

After Electricity. a rather nervous woman, easily tired, but not anaemic and not very thin.

She improved greatly essay help college under the treatment.

Before Electricity. After Electricity. a fair case hysterical conditions overuse chloral and bromides anorexia Thermometer held in mouth five minutes before Before Electricity. After Electricity. General essay proofreading online faradization for fifteen minutes. Before Electricity. After Electricity. I have given these full details because I have not seen elsewhere any statement the rather remarkable phenomena which they exemplify. It may that a part at least the thermal change due the muscular action, although this seems hardly competent account for any large share help me write a paper in the alteration temperature, and must look further explain fully. No mental excitement can called upon as a cause, hire someone to write my thesis since continues after the patient perfectly accustomed the process. The acceptance an office conferred for here Hfe shall occasion an immediate transfer domicil the officer the place where fill his office. Amended Law February. 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