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This woman was a mere skeleton, with every function out order.

I undertook her case essay writing service canada with the utmost distrust, but I had the mba essay editing service pleasure find her fattening and reddening like others. Her cough left her, the albumen disappeared, and she became need help with essay paper well enough walk and drive when a sudden con gestloii the kidneys destroyed her in forty-eight I liave ventured, without much hope, treat three cases phthisis in the same manner. There are cases this nature in which exercise wearies. There are others which cannot for various reasons send away more genial climates, and in such instances are driven merely watch the slow decline our patients.

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I believe that sometimes, and especially in the very earliest stages consumption, treatment will save a small percentage such people, but, as yet, I only venture make the suggestion, and wish distinctly state that experience in this form its usefulness limited. One the cases treated got well and remained well.

There was every evidence pulmonary improved enormously in all respects, and relapsed hopelessly, owing large and repeated bleeding from piles and rectal fissure. a male, was treated rest and massage without electricity, and improved as resume his work.

He still has slight cough, and has careful, and there are, as yet, distinct evidences inactive disease at the summit the left lung.

To save further details, I give a brief summary eight cases women, all whom were thin, feeble, anaemic, and vexed with some the endless variety pains, aches, and ailments, real, imaginary, or exaggerated attention, which constantly mark, in three months gained eighteen pounds, and became well and vigorous. in two months gained twentyone pounds, and from a bed-ridden invalid became, height five feet eight inches, weight one hundred and eighteen pounds, in four months became perfectly well, and rose in weight one hundred and sixty-nine pounds.

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Two months a nervous, morbid invalid, with a threat insanity, and a wretched state mind and body, became quite florid, and rose in weight one hundred and thirty-two pounds from one hundred and Mrs.

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She was well cured in nine weeks rest, and became a good color, but did not gain over Miss, a school-teacher, treated custom of writing letters at the Infirmary, was not anaemic.

She had, however, the usual train nervous symptoms, with irritable spine. She gained thirteen pounds in seven weeks, and seems well, but as yet has not tested her endurance a, height five feet three inches, weight one hundred and ten pounds, was never bedridden, but was obliged lie down several hours a day. She was highly nervous, dreadfully dyspeptic, and singularly buy and sell research papers ansemic. She was made able what she pleased, except that I obliged insist four hours daily rest. Her change in color was remarkable, and she gained twenty-five pounds I could give other cases gain in flesh without manifest relief. As I have said, these are rare, but less thesis binding uncommon see great relief without improvement in weight at all, or until the patient I have mentioned, more than once, the singular return menstruation under this treatment, and as examples I add a brief list the most notable instances. no menstruation for five years return menstruation at thirtieth day treatment continued regularly ever since during three, eight years without menstruation return at fourteenth day treatment now regular set. no menstruation for eight months return at close paraphrasing words sixtieth day treatment regular Miss, irregular missing for two or three months, and then menstruating irregularly for two or three months. No flow for two months.





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